Commercial Tanning Beds Vs. Sun Bathing: Which Method Is Safer?

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Commercial tanning beds make it possible for you to have a tan year round. Those of us who like the healthy, sun-kissed look are quite familiar with both methods. But the question is, which method is safer and less harmful on your skin?

In recent years, we're becoming more and more conscious to the fact that the sun does indeed damage our skin causing it to age prematurely and cause more serious diseases such as skin cancer. As a result, many of us have taken precautionary measures like applying sun tan lotion before going outside or even limiting our sun exposure as much as possible.

However, one does not have to give up tanning altogether; we can still get a fabulous healthy glow from a commercial tanning bed.

How Do Commercial Tanning Beds Work?

Commercial tanning beds come in two forms: vertical and horizontal. You can lie down or stand while tanning, whichever is more comfortable for you. These capsule tanning beds have a lid that is lined with tubular ultraviolet lamps and a glass or plastic bench that you can lie down on. The lamps are made of quartz which allows their internal air pressure to be higher than regular ultraviolet lamps thus filtering unwanted UVB rays.

All commercial tanning beds have a timer that automatically turns off the lamps at a preset time, as a requirement by FDA regulations. The actual process of tanning is made possible by artificial UVB and UVA rays which have the exact same composition as the sun rays. So, the question remains, how safe are these commercial tanning beds?

Studies conducted on people who frequented tanning beds have found that excess exposure to tanning beds can cause the same amount of damage as the sun. Other studies have found that people who regularly tan with commercial tanning beds are likely to withstand radiation levels to the eyes as much as 100 times that of outside sunlight.

The Advantages of Natural Sunlight

The advantage of natural sun exposure is that the sun produces melanin (the pigment that protects the skin from UV rays naturally) in your skin. Sunlight also stimulates the production of vitamin D in the body.


As long as you keep your sun bathing to a minimum and always apply sun protecting lotion, there is no reason to hide from the sun. At the same time, if you do not become excessive with your visits to the commercial tanning bed salon, there is no reason why you should not have a healthy glow during Christmas time. As we all know, everything in moderation is healthy.

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