Samsung J700 Review: Finding an Elegant-looking Phone at a Low Price With the Samsung J700

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Getting a class-looking mobile phone without spending thousands of dollars is very possible with the Samsung J700. This elegant Samsung phone can equal or even beat the looks of the most expensive luxury phones available today. Samsung J700 costs only about US$200. And the cheap price that comes with it is truly amazing with the looks of the mobile phone. But consumers should never expect a top-notch performance and features from this phone. However, for the price and the design, Samsung J700 can already be considered a truly amazing phone at a low budget.

A Truly Magnificent Samsung Design

The Samsung J700 comes in a sleek elegant black compact slider casing. Although there is nothing unusual with how it was designed or the features it has, many Samsung J700 reviews state that this is a truly great phone at its market value.

Among the great things that most critiques like about the Samsung J700 is its design. It has a look that will suit any executive or classy individual who want only a mobile phone's design and not much of its features.

Some Samsung J700 reviews find the phone's design somehow boring because it comes with the common Samsung look. But the price it has will truly make it among the best mobile phone deals in the market.

Different Physical Features of the Samsung J700

Just like the common Samsung phone, the Samsung J700 has its universal port on the right side. This is used to attach the charger of the phone as well as its headset. This same port may also be useful in synchronizing the phone's files using a computer through the USB cable.

On the left side of the Samsung J700, one can find the small microSD slot and the dual volume key. Meanwhile, the top and the bottom of the phone are just plain without anything on them.

The Samsung J700 also features a 1.3 megapixel camera that may only be revealed when the mobile phone is slide-up. Many Samsung J700 reviews say that this is a great idea since the camera does not have any special cover for protection.

The over-all covering for the Samsung J700 comes in a shiny black colour, making it look more elegant. The front of the mobile phone has a plastic covering that appears like a classy glass. Some Samsung J700 reviews say that the plastic may be exposed to scratches but not to fingerprints.

The Samsung J700 also has two keys under the screen. All the characters are in small white reflective spots. The choice of colour also added elegance to the phone. Meanwhile, the phone's jog-wheel is artfully designed and is also very easy to use for navigation.

Other Important Physical Characteristics of the Samsung J700

Many Samsung J700 reviews stated that the mobile phone is very friendly for holing since it weights only about 92 grams-that includes the battery. It also has an intelligent dimension of 99.5mm tall, 48mm wide, and 14.8mm deep. It's not as bulky as other mobile phone making the sliding easier and more convenient.

Overall, the Samsung J700 makes one of the best mobile phone deals due to its sleek design at a very low price. However, nothing can be found unusual on the mobile phone since it was really made to answer the demand of people who want a good-looking phone at a low price.

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