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Decision Making is a critical component of our life. At every level of our activity we are called upon to make decisions - whether it is something as unimportant as picking a birthday gift to the more major decisions such as choosing the right job. Invariably, all decisions have their own consequences and major decisions have major fallout and hence need great care.

Despite the best analysis, our informed decisions can go awry for reasons beyond our control. The key point therefore is to prepare not just for known consequences but for unforeseen elements as well.

Although experience, analytical skills and foresight are vital elements of good decision-making capacity, gut feeling and hunches do have a place of their own in decision-making. Many a time, our gut feelings and strong hunches have guided us well. In all we could say that a wide range of exposure, perceptive analysis and far-sightedness are crucial factors to make the right decisions.

Not all of us can have the advantage of wide experience. We may seek the help of a more experienced and exposed individual, but in the final analysis the ultimate decision-making rests with us. This is where clarity of thought and detail will greatly help us. You will have clarity of thought when you look at a problem from all angles and consequences and make a well-considered decision. When the stakes over a decision are equally placed, it is better to be prepared for the best and the worst fallout.

Sometimes a problem, situation or issue tends to overwhelm us, and we get muddied in our thinking and decision-making. By weighing all the options available and the possible outcomes expected, you can choose the most appropriate action objectively.

A simple tool available easily within your reach for such decision-making process is Mind Mapping. Mindmapping is a powerful technique that is based on the information processing capacity of our brain. It uses non-linear writing where only key words and phrases are used, instead of the linear method of using long sentences of text. Mindmapping is based on brain-stimulating elements such as parallel processing, mnemonics, colors, symbols, images, pictures, and others so your learn, understand, remember and recall with ease. It allows for capturing your flow of thoughts and demands your full attention. This helps to think through the issue or problem at hand at length, and to make in depth analysis before arriving at a decision.

You can view all the various options available and make a weighted analysis based on the consequences flowing from each of the decisions. It will help you to see the links between different elements of your choice, prioritize your options, and lead to making an informed decision. Mind Maps are of immense value in the process of decision-making. You have to use it to know the real value and the dynamic power of mindmapping.

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