If You Knew Your Husband Was Cheating With Escorts Would You Leave Him?

by Ed Opperman - Date: 2009-01-02 - Word Count: 434 Share This!

"What I don't know can't hurt me"....This is a famous quote but do you agree with it? Is it a healthy attitude? Is it fair to you and your children? The truth is, what you don't know can hurt you and you should find out all the truth about your cheating husband.

Would you leave your cheating husband or boyfriend if you knew:

1. They have a secret personal ad on an online dating service?

2. They frequent an online community devoted to escort services?

3. They are members of an Internet swingers club?

4. They have an extreme sexual fetish that most would consider perverted?

5. They have a secret Myspace page where they flirt and exchange pics?

6. They are a member of an Internet Porn Cam site?

Most people would answer yes to these questions. They would leave a cheating husband if they knew these things for a fact. They would also probably want to get full custody of their children if they knew for certain their husband was involved in such inappropriate behavior.

Maybe you think it's impossible to ever obtain this kind of information short of hiring a dream team of lawyers, investigators and computer forensic scientists. What will surprise you is that it is very simple and easy to obtain this evidence with a quick and inexpensive Internet investigation into online infidelity. In fact this kind of evidence is often so damaging and overwhelming that you could probably avoid going to trial at all. You could use this evidence to negotiate a settlement or even represent yourself at a hearing and obtain a custody judgment.

The quickest way to obtain this evidence is an Dating Service (infidelity) Assessment. This is a Internet investigation that will take a persons email address and locate all their secret personal ads, social networking sites, porn interests and even the use of escorts and prostitutes. Many time a review of the information associated with the profiles will have the subject of the investigation admitting to drug abuse, gambling or excessive partying.

There are only a few private investigators that offer this kind of service but a quick Internet search of online infidelity investigations should produce enough results for you to do some research and comparison shop among the results.

Be sure the one you hire is considered an expert in email tracing and online infidelity investigations. make sure the company offers more than one type of investigation and is not just an online instant database search with old inaccurate information. That way if the investigation delves into other areas you can save time and money by staying with the same investigators famialir with your case.

Ed Opperman , president of Opperman Investigations Inc is an expert in Internet Infidelity Investigations and Computer and Cell Phone Forensics. If you need help with an infidelity investigation visit www.emailrevealer.comn
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