8 Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating - Dealing With a Cheater

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Your relationship started off so well. You guys were inseparable and you did everything as a couple. Everything was gone well in your relationship, and then one day you started noticing changes in your boyfriend. He was so sweet at first and he treated you like a Queen. Now you spend lots of time at home and he is going out without you. You suspect something is going on and you don't want to just come out and ask if he has someone else or if he is cheating on you, but you can't take this any longer. So how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating and what are the steps to dealing with a cheater.

There are some warning signs that may indicate that he is cheating on you and here are a few of the signs:

1. He becomes more affectionate. While in some cases, a boyfriend may realize that they have been neglectful of their partner; this is also an indication that that very same boyfriend is feeling guilty and confused about their feelings. Many men who've been seeing women on the side show a sudden flurry of attention and affection to their girlfriends all of a sudden.

2. The offending boyfriend becomes increasingly critical. In this scenario, the boyfriend that is engaged in the affair may continually look for issues or behaviors to justify his affair-a girlfriend who can't seem to do anything right or she does not meet the needs of the demanding partner.

3. Many cheating boyfriends often initiate unusual sexual requests of their girlfriends. Unfortunately, this is often true if the boyfriend has been engaging in inappropriate sexual activity with someone else. All of a sudden, they will come home and ask you to give them a lap dance or to engage in sexual games using sexual tools or toys that have never been suggested before. The same can be said of the woman partner who suddenly wants her husband to be more daring and adventurous in bed.

4. A cheating boyfriend may show a decrease in interest not only household chores and responsibilities, but in engaging with the children or wife. Unfortunately, an affair involves much more than merely sex. It engages emotional effort as well. Losing interest in family, home, and friends is a common side effect of an affair. It's as if the person, man or woman, suddenly begins a new life with a very narrow perspective. Such distancing is fairly common and causes financial, emotional, and mental stress on all parties involved.

5. Cheating husbands or wives often experience financial difficulties. It's expensive enough trying to make ends meet with one's boyfriend, mortgage, or other family obligations. Having another woman or man on the side in addition to the primary relationship can be a drain on finances. Buying gifts for the other man or woman can be an expensive endeavor, as are travel charges, hotel charges, and other expenses involved in living that "other life."

6. Physical clues. In many adulterous relationships, a cheating boyfriend may inadvertently come home with lipstick on the shirt collar, new clothes, or even changes in personal appearance and attention to detail in regard to grooming habits. For example, a woman who has been more than comfortable wearing jeans and a sweatshirt may all of a sudden start paying extra attention to her appearance and wear additional makeup, jewelry, and dresses. Many men and women engaged in an affair will all of a sudden start going to the gym or caring about how they look. New hairstyles, new perfumes, and new clothes without explanation are often an indication that something is going on the side.

7. Physical evidence. It's extremely hard to ignore the signs of a cheating boyfriend. Such things as new phone numbers, receipts, notes, as well as condoms are found in clothing or other such unexplained items in the home, office or family car are also often an indication that something is going on.

8. Excessive phone calls. Finding a husband or wife on the phone more often than usual may indicate another person in your boyfriend's life. Even more so if they suddenly hang up when they find you watching them or even if you receive hang-ups when the phone rings and you answer. In this day and age of Caller ID and *69, most adulterous men and women take a little more care with communication. However, many men and women forget about phone bills and the ability of private detectives to track phone calls on cell phones using cell towers and their locations. The mobile telephone bill is one of the best methods that a boyfriend or even a private investigator can use to catch a cheating husband. Calls made in the morning and in the evening, just prior to getting to work or prior to arriving back home at night are often indications of a partner contacting the other person when outside of the home environment. Unlike conventional landline phone services, cell phone telephone bills list every call, its duration, and time it is placed.

These were just a few of the signs to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you. Did you find those tips on how to fix a relationship useful? You can learn a lot more about relationships and how to save a marriage at the link below.

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