What's Out There? A Jungle Or A Playground?

by Tony Papajohn - Date: 2007-06-20 - Word Count: 375 Share This!

Want to change your state of mind from fearful to powerful in a flash?

Use a powerful metaphor.

We all communicate with metaphors.

We've all used expressions such as "life is a journey, time is money," and "the world is your oyster."

Choose a metaphor wisely and you empower your state of mind at lightening speed. Make a less-than-empowering choice and you experience a less-than-empowering state of mind.

I've observed that this is the fastest way to empower your mind and get on with success.

Here's how this works and why it works at lightning speed.

No doubt you've heard "It's a jungle out there!"

Try not to imagine the sights, sounds, sensations, and feelings that pop into your mind as you imagine that "It's a jungle out there!"

Instead of that, here's a fun and empowering way to redefine "out there."

In the movie "The Babe," John Goodman portrays Babe Ruth. After the Red Sox trade Ruth to New York, the Babe is laying in bed with Clare Hodgson (Kelly McGillis). He is wide awake.

The Bambino, a larger-than-life party animal, says, "It's hard to sleep. It's a big
playground out there!"

What difference does it make when you imagine that "It's a big playground out there?"

In a flash, you have just changed your whole point of view, frame of reference, and nature of expectations from whatever "out there" was before you engaged the metaphor to "a big playground."

Take a moment and imagine what life is like when you see the world as a big playground.

Let your imagination fill your mind with sights, sounds, and sensations of a world as a "big playground."

And isn't there a huge and immediate difference between "It's a jungle out there!" and "It's a big playground out there?"

This illustrates the reason metaphors works at lightning speed. They ask us to transfer what we know about a jungle or a playground to "out there."

The imagination follows suit and the resulting sights, sounds, sensations, and feelings generate a state of mind.

That's why "It's a jungle out there!" immediately feels so different than "It's a big playground out there!"

So choose your metaphors wisely. I've discovered that they are instantly effective and generate a thought atmosphere that affects our world.

After all, when you go "out there," would your enter a "jungle" or a "big playground?"

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