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In this 21st century, communication is the most important tool of human being. With the blessing of modern technology now people can make calls at any corner of the world with a great ease and sophistication. But while making a long-distance call people do worry about the high rate being charged by the service provider. In this modern age there is a solution too. That is the calls over the internet which is simply known as Internet calls.

Internet now becomes one of the most important and revolutionised communication technology. Now one can easily make internet telephone calls using the World Wide Web technology. This kind of telephone service is usually being the ideal choice for those people who uses to make huge number of international calls. To make Internet calls all one needs to have is a high speed Internet connection, multimedia computer, a sound card, speakers, and a microphone. For making a call there are some special software which are being used for setting up an Internet phone connection. For making Internet calls one just has to dial up in the same way which is used to make a call in a normal telephone. As it works through a computer the user gets the facility to use external speakers and microphone while making a call over the Internet.

Most people have their priority of saving money for making telephone calls. For them the best choice would nothing but the Internet calls. Nowadays one will find various Internet telephone service providers around the world which provides free internet calls. The service providers offer users an exceptionally cheaper calling rates than the normal telephone calls. Sometimes they do offer absolutely free international calls to the users. The services offered by the companies include unlimited PC to phone calling and so on.

They use a DSL or broadband connection with a broadband enabled phone adopter which is plugged directly into a router or modem. After doing so the user will be able to connect his existing phone to the adopter and then he will be able to enjoy making free Internet calls. Though for the calls on the Internet the charges are not dependent on the distance, service providers charges a flat fixed rate for the use of bandwidth. But the thing required for making a call over the Internet is the same compatible software to both the communicators.

Usually the regular telephone service providers do charge a higher amount for providing the basic telephone services where users will not get the additional features like call waiting, voice mail and three-way calling. Whereas, the user will get all the basic features of a normal telephone plus lots of additional features through the Internet telephone calls by paying a less amount of money than the regular telephone. After all, as the calls over Internet reduces the costs of communications, nowadays many individuals and businesses are going for this system worldwide.

The VoIP technology is being used to make free calls. By using this technology one will be able to make calls while surfing the Internet. Internet calls becomes relatively cheap than the normal phones. The user will also get his existing PSTN phone number if the service provider has this facility. Usually, a VoIP service provider is a telecommunications company which handles the technical aspects of the Internet and the calls through the Internet, in addition provides the interconnection between VoIP and PSTN networks. Under the VoIP technology the internal calls are being transmitted as data on your company network. On the other hand the external calls are being transmitted through the network to a gateway which in turn connects to a public telephone network.

For the plethora of features offer by the Internet telephony and as it saves the cost of telephone calls millions of people across the world are now switching over to calling through IP telephony.

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