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MP4 is the latest format for most media consoles like iPod, PSP and Zune which is available in the market today. Downloading MP4 clips are preferred because they are much clearer than the old format.

But finding a source for such media format for your console is a tedious task since only a few websites is offering full downloadable MP4 songs, movies, music videos online. But if you have media files tucked in your hard drive but which are not formatted in mp4, it will be much easier for you because there are several free converters available online which will enable you to reformat your existing mp3 or other media files to mp4.

On the other hand, if you are just starting out in collecting media files, it is recommended that you should find the ones which are already saved in mp4 so that you can be able to save time from waiting while you convert these files and enjoy them right away.

Be careful in downloading files from internet. Some of the files might be embedded with virus that could harm your personal computer. If you have decided to download mp4 clips online, make sure that you are getting it from a reliable website which have known reputation for quality service.

Be especially cautious about mp4 clips that are only uploaded by certain individuals since the server does not claim any liability if such files is defective, or contains virus harmful to PC or which infringes any copyright law.

There are a few recommended and legitimate MP4 download sites on the internet. These MP4 download sites allow you to download unlimited MP4 movies and music for a one time fee. The download speeds are fast and for a one time fee, you have lifetime access to download unlimited MP4 media files.

It certainly can save you a lot of time in converting your existing mp3 or DVD movies into MP4 compatible format.

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