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Personal loans can be broadly categorised into secured and unsecured loans. While unsecured loans are, unanimously, the most popular loan in the market today, secured loans are fast gaining credence.

Secured personal loans are those loans that require a collateral to be furnished from the borrower's side in order for the loan to be dispensed. Unsecured personal loans are given out without the presence of a collateral. Of course, there are subtle variances between the loans. With both these personal loan types, the borrower can use the money any way he chooses to. Generally, these funds cater to needs like purchasing a car, buying or renovating a home, going for a vacation etc.

With a secured personal loan, one can borrow up to £75,000 and have a repayment term of twenty-five years. However, there terms are non-rigid. With a collateral of greater value than the loan amount, one can bargain for a bigger sum of loan money. The interest rates are also relatively lower. The flipside is that the collateral can be repossessed in case the borrower fails to keep up with the repayments. Thus, someone taking this loan type should do so keeping in mind his repayment potential.

With an unsecured personal loan, the borrowable amount is somewhat limited, around £25,000. The repayment period can be up to ten years. The interest rates are relatively higher, with collateral absent. The lender does this to cushion the potential pitfall of a repayment default from the borrower's side. However, there are advantages with this loan type as well. One major benefit is the absence of collateral with an unsecured personal loan. If a borrower does not pay back the loan amount, there is no threat of the collateral being repossessed by the lender. Also, the seeming excess of documentation that accompanies secured personal loans is absent in this case. Between them, both these personal loan types serve a variety of purposes.

Personal loans are unquestionably the best method of availing finance these days. You can get these loans from building societies, banks, private lenders and the Internet.

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