Real Estate History of Streetsville in Mississauga

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Streetsville came into being in the year of 1825, when a very entrepreneurial man name Timothy Street was granted a large parcel of land as payment for his surveillance work. Back in those days, water was an essential element in the development of most small villages as waterpower was a vital source of energy. Not so surprising then that the village of Streetsville was developed along the Credit River, on both the west and east sides of the river, with the majority of the town residing on the western side.

Now in the 21st Century located in the northwest corner of Mississauga is this wonderfully unique and charming little village community of Streetsville. Much of the charm and uniqueness comes from the number of designated heritage buildings found throughout the village setting. Experience the heritage of Streetsville by joining one of the very popular walking tours. The summer's eve candlelight walk will create an enjoyment of the villages historical past presenting the history in a "whole new light." This historical walk will take you by more than 24 heritage sites -- one of them being 41 Mill Street, Timothy Street's home, believed to be the first brick home in Peel county. This quaint village offers much history for the citizens and visitors of the City of Mississauga.

Streetsville was known for exportation. Barber Woollen Mills was one of larger exporting producers for many years. Exportation of products from other industries such as the grist mill, saw mill, carding and planning mills were also big business for this village's economic well being. Unfortunately, in the 1850's the growth and progress of the railway brought an end to this growing economic thrust. Streetsville experienced a similar setback as did so many other small riverside villages in the province of Ontario. The railway bypassed Streetsville and the face of this booming village began to slowly change. Thankfully, opportunity arose once again in 1879 when the Credit Valley Railway arrived, providing a transportation link to Toronto and other economic markets.

The growth of Streetsville follows the path of incorporating as a village in 1858, with John Street as the first reeve. By 1962 Streetsville was designated a town and in 1974 the Town of Streetsville was finally amalgamated with Mississauga. Streetsville's additional claim to fame is Hazel McCallion. Formerly the Mayor of Streetsville and now the Mayor of Mississauga, Mrs McCallion has been nominated for world mayor and is known for being one of Canada's longest term mayors. Like many smaller communities in Ontario, Streetsville continues to host its annual festival. Streetsville's is the Bread and Honey Festival, held every summer usually in the month of June. The Festival brings family, friends and tourists together to acknowledge and celebrate the roots of this milling village. For more information on this article or Streetsville real estate, visit

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