Minnesota's Recreational Activities

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The recreation and the activity in the open air are a part essential and enriching by the life. To take leave to slacken and appreciate simply activities of leisures can improve the quality of the life of no matter whom. The department of park and recreation of Rochester, manganese knew this during years, and had provided a range of occasions of recreation during much of years. The council of park turned 100 years in 2004, but the parks played an important part in the lives of the visitors and the residents of Rochester during almost 150 years. Considering that Rochester was founded in 1854, which is there is 154 years in date of 2008, it is obvious that the external recreation was a critical element of the lives'of the people S since the city was founded.

The back of system of park was then the most likely one simple grass field, or a place where the children would come to play of the plays. Today, the park and the department of recreation in Rochester offer more than 3500 acres of ground of park drawn aside in all more than 80 parks. Among this ground one will find more than 60 miles of trails (biking/hiking), of 56 courses of play, 42 courses of tennis, 14 shelters of picnic, 2 external swimming pools, a beach, 35 horseshoe courses, of 46 diamonds of baseball/softball, 28 fields of football, 11 courses of basketball, 2 parks of dog, 18 courses of volley ball of sand, 3 trails across ski of country, 2 courses of golf of frisbee, 2 pieces of ground of garden, and a range of shooting to the arc. The department provides not only the ground and the maintenance of these places, but also works with organizations deprived to provide occasions of activity. Almost any day of the year, one can observe or take part in a certain number of various sports, including the baseball, football, football, Rugby, the lacrosse, the baseball, the cricket, volley ball, the golf, the ski across country, and much of others. If there is a desire for a particular activity, one will be able to find a place to test it. The system of park can practically offer any activity in the open air, and because the system is thus extended, there are parks available in all the sectors of the city. Two of the more single places downtown include the park of hill of career and the park of field of soldiers.

Extract the park from hill, located on the edge of the North-East of the city, are a park 290-acre with increasing trails, fishing ponds, historical caves of sandstone, fossil beds in a prehistoric stone career with lime, courses of tennis, a diamond of baseball, a court of play, and a sector of picnic. Popular with the two adults and children, hill of career can offer a certain number of various activities by this equipment. The park is also at the house in the center of nature of hill of career. The goal of the center is to open the spirits and the eyes of the children and the of the same parents by science and the discovery. It offers programs, classes, workshops, and a certain number of special activities throughout the year. The center is also at the house more with 100 assembled animals, a tank of 1.700 fish of gallon, and with a collection of alive animals. During the school year, the hill of career is a popular destination for voyages of field of class, and is visited by approximately 35.000 students annually.

More close to the downtown area, the park'of field of the soldier S is also a popular destination for residents and visitors. The park is a spot preferred for picnics and parts, with shelters of picnic, diamonds of baseball, a swimming pool, a course of golf, and the end of equipment of court of play near. It also became a popular spot for the final frisbee, and a play can usually be found any evening given if to survive it is nice. An important attraction of park'of field of the soldier S is the commemorative'veterans of field of the soldier S. It was built to honour the veterans with Minnesota of south-east who died by serving their country, and is devoted to those which served the country to help to keep freedom a reality.

Each park in Rochester holds its own characteristics and charms single. Even in a world which becomes more automated and the dependant on electronics, the desire for the activity in the open air and the recreation will not drop. The department of park and recreation of Rochester a long and made a success of history, and holds a future even more luminous. There is no doubt that the quality of the life of the citizens'and the visitors of Rochester S will continue to improve while the system of park advances.

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