3 Surefire Methods for Arts Graduate to Succeed in the MBA Group Discussion and Personal Interview

by Priyanka T - Date: 2007-01-04 - Word Count: 331 Share This!

Being an Arts Graduate, you should do away with the notion that you would not be Good enough in the face of competition from the Engineering and Commerce Graduates. Having cleared the written test - the Group Discussion panel and Personal Interview panel will already have a high respect or you. To improve your chances use the following surefire methods.

1. Strong Decision Making Capability: Gather sufficient knowledge of the economy to be able to take the lead in the group discussion. You emphasise your decision making ability by STATING THE NUMBER of your viewpoints. Make viewpoints of possible solutions that you visualize for the economy. For example in a GD Topic such as: Can India witness double digit growth? You should state: There are 3 factors that could lead to double digit growth - suitable infrastructure, simplified administrative procedures, and Intellectual rights protection for Indian innovations. Trust me - if you choose to say nothing else from there on you would already have made an impression.

2. Teamwork and Listening capabilities: Arts students are supposed to be more humane in their managerial approach. Make sure you listen carefully and actually jot down the key viewpoints made by other participants. Then integrate them into your own viewpoint without pointing out that anybody was wrong. The Group Discussion panel gives higher weightage to candidates that were able to integrate the viewpoints of others into their own key statements

3. Facts and Figures of the economy: An Arts graduate who can roll of key economic figures is definitely going to be noticed in the Personal Interview. You can bet that if you can talk about the changing economic climate and explain how with the explosion in job growth and retail malls - customer relationships and customer experiences are essential for serious marketers, and how you fit into the overall picture will definitely give you a good grade by the panel. However make sure you have defined which niche you wish to enter into first to state the most relevant economic facts and figures.

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Priyanka is a MBA from IIM- Bangalore and works as a communication specialist. Her website http://www.mbainterview.in provides useful tips for MBA aspirants to succeed in the MBA Group Discussion and Personal Interview

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