Chiropractic Clinic Management and Billing Education Using Shared Knowledge and Video Library

by Yuval Lirov - Date: 2007-02-13 - Word Count: 325 Share This!

As chiropractic office management and billing regulations keep evolving and becoming more complex, technology takes the lead role in maintaining practice profitability and post-payments audit risk management. Practice management systems automate most clinic operation activities, starting with patient check in, SOAP note editing, insurance claim creation, and medical billing.

Unfortunately, the high level of computer skill required by the prohibitively complex chiropractic office management and medical billing solutions often hinders the doctor's ability to use such solutions correctly in a chiropractic office environment. Instead of increasing office productivity and efficiency, technology becomes yet an additional obstacle and profitability impediment. Its high cost and user training problems add insult to injury and frustrate even seasoned and accomplished practice owners.

Combining Wiki (shared knowledge repository on the Web) with video technology solve many of the difficult training problems of chiropractic clinic owners and office managers. Such combined solution amplifies the advantages of individual training video materials with Wiki's ability to reach every chiropractic office, share experience of real-world experts, and help practice owners and managers stay smart at their pace and on just the management and billing content they need to know. The "on-demand" nature of such combined solution enables doctors to learn from experts wherever and whenever it is most convenient to learn.

Wiki takes the concept of shared inter-article repository on the Web to the next, intra-article level, allowing multiple contributors share editing process of the same document. By localizing and focusing shared efforts to the same documents, the resulting sites achieve relevance degrees unobservable to popularity-based search engines. (Wikipedia is the most popular example of Wiki: BBC News has called Wikipedia "one of the most reliably useful sources of information around, on or off-line.")

Vericle's training Wiki now contains both introductory and advanced video training materials, starting with Initial Visit (narrative SOAP note documentation), Subsequent Visit, Advanced Coding, Workbench Management Tips, End of Day Reporting, Demographic Error Avoidance, Appointment Scheduling, Patient Check In, Front-Desk Kiosk, and Compliant Billing.

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Yuval Lirov, PhD, author of "Mission Critical Systems Management" (Prentice Hall), patent inventor in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Security, and CEO of Billing Technologies and Services. Download The "Business" of Healthcare Provider Audits - How Payers Are Getting Away with Practice Murder at

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