The Black Tee

by Sarika Kabra - Date: 2008-12-01 - Word Count: 503 Share This!

Everyone knows, (well most of us anyway) that black is slimming, that black is a flattering color for most skin tones, that black gives the illusion of being less bulky than one may actually be. So it is that most people have the ubiquitous black tee in their wardrobe, no matter what t shirt design it may be. In fact most people probably have more than one of those black tee shirts tucked away in their wardrobes.

There are many reasons for the remarkable popularity of the black tee shirt design. Other than the ‘black is slimming' reason of course; the black tee is very popular because black is an excellent background for most t shirt designs and patterns. A pattern using contrasting colors would look very attractive and very visible on a stark black background. Even when you consider lettering (the possibilities of what you can have written on a t shirt are practically endless) on a black tee, the effect is that of very immediately visible and striking lettering.

Further the black t shirt design has undergone a lot of branding exercises. One could well argue that a black t shirt is a black t shirt is a black t shirt; right? Not quite. Now while two black tee shirts may be alike to look at, one may have a Gucci label, making it that much more desirable, to say nothing of perceptibly more valuable. Many designer brands have given their own special twist to the ubiquitous black tee shirt design.

Another reason that the black tee is so popular is that it is very versatile: you can have a plain black tee to mooch around at home in, or you have the kind of black tee that would not be out of place in the best and most elite of surroundings. Black ladies t shirt designs are especially versatile when you think about the varieties possible: the simple round neck, the sexy plunging V neck that can be dressed up to formal with the addition of a smart neck piece, the hoodie which is statement of trendy but casual. Then there are different lengths of the sleeve which also provide a lot of variety in the basic tee shirt design. The fit or shape of the t shirt is also very important to the kind of look it will project: the loose tee gives the casual or relaxed look, whereas the fitted, snug tee is more of a going out look. Then of course there is the material that you use for the t shirt which determines the look of the t shirt; casual or formal.

The basic black tee shirt design can be greatly enhanced by just a few embellishments, such as a line of sequins on the edge of the neckline or the hemline. The addition of an applique or an embroidery motif can also instantly up the appeal of a plain black tee. Fact is the black tee lends itself very well to embellishments of all types.

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