The Best and Newest Features of Internet (online) Banking

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Do you still queue up in the bank to pay your credit card bills or patiently wait for your bank statement to arrive in the mail?  Welcome to the internet age.  Online banking has now become an alternative to going to the bank physically to transact business.  It uses today's advanced computer technology to give users the option of doing away with the time-consuming and paper-based aspects of conventional banking in order to better manage finances more efficiently and easily.

With internet banking, you can monitor and perform banking transactions online, whenever and wherever you want as long as there is internet access.  It lets you bank with maximum convenience, ease and security through the latest technology and it is for free.

Online banking offers a varied array of convenient and secure features for customer banking needs.  Suffice it to say, you can do almost everything you need to do from the comfort of your home or office.  Moreover, internet banking has been enhanced with even more customer-friendly improvements to make online banking much easier and safer.

Bills Payment - There is no need to line up at payment centers to meet your payment due dates.  Pay your utility and credit card bills online at your convenience.  You can also set up scheduled payments for recurring transactions.  You get to receive an online payment confirmation number for reference.  This service also allows you to view pending and past payments.  You can add payees as well as delete payees you have created.

Account Details - Keep track and manage your accounts anytime, anywhere.  View balances and updated transactions of your savings and checking accounts credit card statements, time deposits and loan accounts.  Peruse your previous transactions.  Export your transactions into a selected range of personal financial management software packages.  You can even print your account statements.

Electronic Statements - With electronic statement, there is no more waiting for the mail.  You can receive your bank statement through email or view online all day any day.  Access past statements for easy reference.  Some banks even offer interactive electronic statements with check images and notices and search for specifics such as check numbers and amounts.

Fund Transfers - Transfer funds between your accounts within the bank or just as easily to other accounts in other local or foreign banks.  For transfer to other accounts, an online activation code is used to ensure that funds are transferred only to registered payees.  You can also request for demand drafts.  Set up scheduled transfers to accounts within your bank.  Define the amount, affectivity and frequency of your payments.
Banking Alerts - Receive email alerts notifying you of important bank and credit card movements.  If your balance falls below the minimum requirement or a posted check caused large withdrawal from your account; an alert will be sent for your review. 

Banking Services - Book time deposit and provide instructions online.  Order new checkbooks.  Request for stop payments on checks.  View posted check images online.  Obtain quotes for investment products.  Purchase bank draft.  Request to open new accounts.  Enquire about the latest interest and foreign rates.  Pay taxes online.

Online Security - Banks use the latest and most secure technology.  SSL encryption codes protect online bank transactions.  Users are also given Security Device that generates a unique code to ensure bank transactions enjoy a high level of security.  Other online security features include computer firewall protection, user ID and password authentication with code encryption and digital certificates.

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There are many advantages of online banking, make sure you research before choosing an internet banking service.

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