Struggling to safeguard your emails?

by Mircea Ionescu - Date: 2007-03-28 - Word Count: 457 Share This!

It has become a necessity today to keep your email conversations safe as they are the next thing after a mobile phone that carries all your contacts and other important conversational information which you would want to keep as proof all the time. Most of the people around the world using Outlook Express or MS Outlook are unaware of the location of the data files or haven't thought or heard about a tool which can give them the authority to backup their emails with ease and store them in a safe location.

The Adolix Outlook Express Backup software is one great utility which can serve this purpose and can help you safeguard all your emails without any Hassel. The software program is very easy to install and can be configured in few simple steps. Once installed, all you have to do is to click on the backup button on the program interface and it would automatically take a backup of your Outlook Express or MS Outlook.

Well! If you are using more than one identity like many other people, the program will recognize all those identities along with their account settings including the mail server POP and SMTP address along with username and password, email rules etc. and put them all in one single file. The program can be scheduled to take a backup at a convenient time.

You don't want your professional career to be a victim of most common virus infections or computer power failures or human errors instead, if something like that happens you would want to get back to normal ASAP from the point you left. With this software you can work in peace and don't have to worry about the email backup, as using a direct FTP feature, you can configure your backup file to be uploaded directly to an internet FTP location. All you have to do is to configure the FTP setting in the Adolix Outlook Express Backup software. To further safe guard your backup file, you can password protect it. The recommendation would be to give a strict password which is hard to guess.

Talking about the restore option? You can restore your email backup instantly either on same machine or on any other machine. Once you click on the restore button, it puts everything back to normal as it was before the backup. You don't need to re-configure any settings in your Outlook Express or MS Outlook. Everything will appear as it is.

The software supports multiple languages and is intended for both professional and home users with an easy to use and friendly interface. Not only that this software can backup your internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox favorites but bookmarks as well.

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