Cleansing Versus Traditional Dieting: Why Most Diets Fail And People Gain Weight

by Alicia Barwick - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 238 Share This!

Like some of you, I have been trying to lose the extra pounds that I have gained after getting married and having kids. After some disappointment and weight loss struggles, I was blessed to come across some information about cleansing that has changed my life.

Our bodies are being exposed to toxins in several different ways. Some of these include: manufacturing ingredients, commercial produce, fast foods, breathing dirty air, and unpurified water. How do all these chemicals and toxins affect our bodies? In order to protects itself from the influence of these toxins, the body coats these impurities with fat cells. A traditional diet may cause a person to shed fat, but the toxins are still in the body. The body will sense a high impurity level, so it goes into emergency fat production. This causes the yo-yo effect.

Cleansing allows the body to release these toxins, so the body can shed the fat cells. This results in a leaner, cleaner you. Of course, cleansing will have to be done at least a few times a year, because we are constantly being exposed to toxins and chemicals.

Another issue that goes along with cleansing, is making sure that the body is not being starved. A proper cleansing diet will include high-grade, organic, and essential nutrients. This provides fuel for the body while it is in its detoxifying state.

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