Political Saga Of Indian Government...22nd July

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The battle-line is drawn and the stage is set. Similar to any other war, both camps, though well prepared, are looking for their victory. But on this political battle, in the field of the largest democracy of the world, what is at the risk? Nuclear deal? Not at all!

The debate, which generated the political rift among friends and bulldozed the wall of enmity among foes, seems to be largely driven by personal political ambitions. The newly mushroomed 'supporters' and 'opposers' of the deal, which is said to be for securing energy security for the energy deficient but hungry country without compromising national interests, are eying to set their political scores right.

After intemperate treatments received from the hand of Congress on several issues and policies, the Left parties chose the circulation of draft safeguard to the International Atomic Energy Agency for taking the final call. Though many grievances raised by comrades carry weight but the main stumbling block is their inherent anti-America ideology.

Despite having innovated groundbreaking social programmes like- National Rural Employment Guarantee Act and farmers' loan waiver scheme, the ruling Congress could not en-cash and thus unable to tern the tide in its favour. Not a single senior Congress leader took part when the cheques of fresh loans were distributed to the farmers of Maharastra after the debt waiver. As the party is reeling under the curse of skyrocketing price rise, affecting directly salaried and poor class, it finds the deal as the light at the end of the tunnel on the name of keeping national interest above.

Similar is the main Opposition party. The deal was first negotiated by the BJP and subsequently hijacked by its rival. So it is saying to re-negotiate the deal with the US but clarifying that the party is not against it, per se and neither against having good relations with America. The strategy is clear. Replace the current government, which is at its nadir of popularity, and take forward the deal with some efforts of 'modifications'. Throughout the hullabaloo over the deal, the BJP never tried to topple the government seriously. Firstly it does not want to irate the super power and secondly wants the situation to deteriorate further and ripe the political advantage in the general elections, not far away.

The environment is extremely conducive for smaller parties also. All are putting forwards their reasonable and unreasonable demands before both major political pivots- UPA and NDA. Chandrashekhar Rao of Telangana Rastra Samiti is bargaining over separate Tenlangana from Andhra Pradesh. Some of the most notorious characters of Indian politics- Ajit Singh and Sibu Soren, have prepared themselves to take most. Where Lucknow airport has been renamed after Ajit Singh's father Chodhary Charan Singh, Sibu, reportedly, has been offered packages. Chief Minister post in Jharkhand and ministry at the Center. Coal Ministry is also in the offing along with deputy CM post for his son.

Another regional party, Samajwadi Party with 39 MPs, has signed the deal within the deal. In the last years of UPA government, the party became able to understand the "national interest" hidden behind the deal. The party has some vested interest not only political but commercial too. Direct intervention by Manmohan Singh in the conflict of Ambani brothers and talks of imposition of windfall taxes on petroleum refinery industry have started. Even CBI is acting promptly against Mayawati.

The question remains. Who is carrying about the national interest? Probably no one. Because personal interest has taken over the national one in the democracy like ours.
Santosh H K Narayan

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