A Guide To Using Espresso Coffee Machines

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Buying your own espresso coffee machine is a major investment, especially if you purchase a fully-automatic model. So it pays to do some research befor making your final purchase, since there are a lot of espresso coffee machines you can choose from.

A fully automatic espresso machine will be the best choice if you can afford one. They may run to the thousand dollar level, but will take the guesswork out of perfect espresso preparation since all you have to do is make sure you have the beans and water in the machine, and off you go to make the perfect espresso with a single touch of a button.

There are also semi-automatic machines that can make espresso preparation a bit easier than manual types, but you need to get a little involved with the settings.

Either way, both types of machines will need you to invest a bit in terms of resources, so it is crucial that you know the basic rules when using an espresso machine so you know what's going on every step of the way. Likewise, having sufficient knowledge about these machines will allow you to properly maintain them so they can get to serve you all through those years ahead.

Prior to using your espresso machine, be sure are ready with the basic equipment and ingredients. You should have an espresso grinder, a few demitasse cups, espresso beans and some water. Don't use bottled mineral water in your expresso machine though. The high mineral content of spring water can cause scaling which may destroy your espresso machine. Filtered water is the best option.

Follow these basic steps when using your Espresso Coffee Machine:

1) Pour clear, cold, filtered water into the water chamber of your machine. As a general rule, you will need an ounce of water per shot. Then secure the boiler cap.

2) Position the coffee basket in the filter holder and lightly push down the ground coffee. Most filters help you to measure how much espresso you want.

3) Remove scattered grounds around the filter and then place the filter holder in the espresso machine.

4) Securely position your demitasse or glass carafe beneath the spout. Flip the power button and when the water is heated to the right temperature it will then be forced through the coffee grounds.

5) Coffee is delivered into your cup or carafe, and you should remove this when the foam begins to turn white (The best espresso comes with a light brown foam or "crema", so the moment it just begins to turn white is a sign that the best coffee flavor has been extracted)

There is a wide range of coffee flavors, roasts and blends in specialty coffee shops or supermarkets. The more serious coffee lovers buy an espresso grinder for themselves so they can grind the beans just before brewing. This is the best way to have your coffee - freshly ground.

Follow these steps in using your home espresso machine. Hopefully this will help you make the best espresso!

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