List Building and Article Marketing

by Sean Mize - Date: 2007-02-09 - Word Count: 253 Share This!

List building is one of the best ways to gain long term profits in you web business. List building allows you to repeatedly talk with a visitor rather than the one-time hit you get from the initial traffic.

So how does article marketing fit in? One thing to note here, your articles must be related to your niche web site topic, and have an appeal to the type of person who will buy from you. Both of those qualifications are very important. Both.

Your articles must be written in such a way that someone can gain niche market benefit from them. Tightly targeted niches is where people spend money online.

When you article market, and someone reads your article, they only click through to the web site linked in your bio if they like you or what you have to say. So you are only getting visitors to your website that are in some way prequalified to be on your list, to buy from you, simply because they are looking for information which you have and can share with them.

Your subscribers can also be separated according to buying propensity, and can be more tightly targeted.

Another thing that happens when you article market is that the reader has in some way already developed some trust in you by the time they click through to your web site - and that trust carries over into your web site and the resultant purchases.

The bottom line is that article marketing produces results - if you aren't already writing articles, get started now!

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