A Simple, FREE, Effective Way To Get Prospects To View Your Network Marketing Opportunity

by Alan Quan - Date: 2007-04-06 - Word Count: 390 Share This!

This simple effective way of driving traffic to your site is article marketing. If you have ever read a magazine, this is the same thing except that it is a magazine on the internet, an electronic-zine.

When people read a magazine article and enjoyed the contents, what is the general reaction of the reader? They would think that you were an expert in the subject of course!

Once the reader finds out who wrote the article and they really wanted to know more, they would most likely want to read another article from the same writer, you!

For me personally, I like to stay fit. I subscribe to a mens health magazine and I repeatedly read a special column where the same writer answers questions about muscle building month after month.

Because I am familiar with the writer and he has established credibility with me through that magazine and through repeated exposure, I choose to buy his book out of hundreds of health books I see on the bookshelf.

The other authors on the shelf may be more qualified than my particular writer, but naturally, my human nature tends to believe more in somebody that I am more familiar with.

It is the same with ezine articles. You can write articles and submit them to ezine directories so that millions of online users can see what you have to offer them. And if they feel that your information is useful, you will be perceived as the authority.

When you submit enough quality articles a few things will happen. Traffic will be generated through your website, your subscriber list will grow, your online authority presence will grow, and most importantly, your bank account will grow!

Like a magazine, your success will come from advising readers about the different ways you can solve their problems by give them tips and techniques. This will attract more readers into visiting to your website and more readers mean more people subscribing to your list.

The articles you write will also need to be simple to communicate directly to your readers. And also, all you need to do is provide basic information about your topic. You do not need a 10 page report when writing articles.

So start making yourself known and write those articles so that you can get some traffic to your site! The more articles you write, the more traffic you will receive!

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