Let Wisdom Usher In Your Change Of Life

by Anne Uemura - Date: 2007-03-26 - Word Count: 387 Share This!

As a woman in midlife you can choose to see "menopause" from a traditional view, as evidence of barrenness or a loss of femininity. Or you can choose to see it as a "change of life," a transition that gives birth to a phase of fulfillment.

It may be most helpful in midlife to remember all of who we are: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional beings, a holistic unit. Your mental state affects your physical; your fitness affects your emotions; etc. Conventional medicine has tried and failed for years because it has approached women's health in a compartmentalized fashion.

The symptoms of menopause and perimenopause are difficult to recognize because they are likely to occur alongside huge lifestyle changes in a woman's life: e.g., the death of a parent, caring for aging or ill parents, children leaving home, etc. Often it is difficult to differentiate the reactions to life changes--mood swings, fatigue and depression--from those that result from hormonal changes.

Some of the symptoms you may experience could include fatigue, weight gain, hot flashes, mood swings, feeling overwhelmed, joint pain, loss of desire, cravings, insomnia and heart palpitations.

Conventional medical therapies for menopause symptoms typically rely on HRT. While some women can experience relief through it, an important step is missed in the diagnosis process by starting at this end.

Consider the physical changes as your body's way of getting your attention. And they may lead you to recognize critical factors like poor nutrition, fatigue and stress. In short, you may be receiving "red flags" about your neglect of self-care. These underlying issues contribute to both hormonal changes and metabolic damage. Attempting to treat the symptom without understanding the cause is akin to sticking bandages on random points of the body without knowing where the cut is.

For this reason more natural approaches like vitamin-mineral supplements, yoga, acupuncture, exercise and herbs are more likely to address the underlying issues.

So forget "menopause" and think "change of life." Start to realize the power in embracing this time as yours. That does not mean joyfully flinging open the windows and singing praise songs during a hot flash. Rather consider opening to the centuries of wisdom carried deep within your DNA.

Rediscover the wisdom of your body and spirit. Use this time to gain a sense of balance and power in your life and birth YOUR own fulfillment.

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Anne Uemura, Ph.D., http://www.coach4womeninmidlife.com is a psychologist-coach-healer with an eclectic and diverse background including work with: Bach flower essences, Barbara Brennan, Brian Weiss, Psych-K, Toltec teachers, Cristhal Bennett; and students/clients she saw during her 13 years at UC-Berkeley and in her private practice of over 25 years.

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