Money Is The Route To All Evil

by Stephanie Cotto - Date: 2007-01-03 - Word Count: 236 Share This!

Material things never last
and yet it seems to be
the most important thing
in some people's lives...

From how somebody looks
to what somebody is wearing
it's funny how money
can rule over somebody's life...

Whether it's from robbing a bank
or killing someone over drugs
and then ending up in jail
either way your life gets taken...

But it all turns out
to how people make it
because with out love
there is no form of life...

Most people don't care to know that
and some people never will...

But there is one thing I know -
Money can't buy happiness for me
Unless I'm enjoying it with the ones I love...

And family is the most important thing in life
If you don't have that you have nothing...

Money is the route to all evil
so with having said
it can make you and people
do the craziest things
that's when you realize
you really have to pay close attention
to who are really your friends
and who you can trust...

Think about how invaluable money truly is...
it's not what you have in your life that really counts -
it is WHO you have in your life that honestly matters...

Nothing else means anything at all
when you really think about it -
I'm no expert, psychologist, or even
a college graduate -
I'm just a young woman speaking
from my heart
and true life experience...

I grew up fast and young -
because I had to...

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By Stephanie Cotto

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