Choir Fundraisers For Choir Uniforms

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Although you might not recognize them as unique, a choir uniform is a way for people to clearly see who the members of the choir actually are. It also provides a team look that would not otherwise exist if not for the choir uniform.

Many groups hold choir fundraisers to raise the money for choir uniforms or robes. There are so many different price points so you may not need a huge choir fundraising effort to buy the robes you need.

Remember, though, to focus on the robes that your church or choir really want and not to sweat the money. There are lots of ways to raise money to purchase the robes of your choice. There are traditional fundraisers and others that are not as traditional. But typically people will be happy to support a fundraiser that is being held for such a worthy purpose.

If you attend a large church that has a choir the members are most likely wearing robes or uniforms. The robes can range from very inexpensive to quite extravagant. Unless you have a touring choir, we suggest you look at some of the less expensive, price point options.

Typically the less expensive, yet professional choir uniforms and robes are made from 100% polyester that will have a light sheen. The robes will come in a wide variety of colors. Many groups choose white. Beware of white though. If choir members wear bright or even dark clothing quite often the color shows through the white polyester material especially if they are standing under or in front of bright lights. Some colors will also look slightly different under fluorescent lighting. We always suggest you get a material swatch or sample robe and bring it to wear your choir will be performing so you can see what it will look like under actual conditions.

Less expensive robes are meant for limited use and should only be worn when necessary. You can purchase choir uniforms from other materials that will have slightly longer lives, but the extra cost is usually not warranted. It is much easier to limit use to performances or dress rehearsals only. All robes should be treated respectfully. They should be hung as soon as possible after a performance. You might even want to restrict usage away from where the choir performs. It is highly recommended that the robes be dry cleaned by a dry cleaner who has experience with choir uniforms.

Most choirs opt for a traditional style robe with wide front pleats and smaller side pleats. There are many other options to choose from. We suggest you have both a male and female in your group model the different options and colors before deciding on which is best for your group.

Finally, remember that the zipper is the thing that is most likely to fail. Make sure the choir uniform is designed to not catch on the slider material. Front zippers are preferential to the rear closures.

Getting a choir uniform will make members feel special and should be approached as an investment in the choir.

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