Etiquette For Waiters In Restaurants

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There aren't too many things worse than having nice dinners at restaurants ruined by waiters who act inappropriately or stupidly. Some things waiters should and shouldn't do seem obvious to the diners but sometimes manage to escape the servers. If you are in the restaurant business, there are some very basic principles to know.

For starters, don't hang around the guests while they are eating. Shortly after their food has been served, you should pop over and make sure they are satisfied with everything. Then leave them alone to enjoy their meals. Scan the room frequently to see if any of your patrons are trying to get your attention.

When they are deciding what to order, don't be impatient or rush them. Ask them if they'd like a few minutes to look over the menu. Then actually wait a few minutes before returning to see whether they are ready. If they have trouble deciding what they want, don't sigh or roll your eyes. It really should be no big deal to you if they need a little extra time.

Should a customer happen to have a complaint, always apologize even if you didn't do anything. Do not make excuses or try to blame them. Say that you are sorry for the inconvenience and that you will fix the problem. If you are not able to solve the problem, get someone who can right away.

Another important topic concerning waiters is removing plates. It is downright shocking how many waiters magically appear the moment a patron's fork touches the last piece of food. Before they even have a chance to chew that final bite, the dishes are scooped up and whisked away. This can make the customer feel as though you have been counting down the seconds until they finished so that they can leave. Not good.

Something else to keep in mind about dishes is this: Never, ever take away one person's plates is somebody else at the table is still eating. This is outrageously rude! This could make the person who is still eating feel uncomfortable or rushed into finishing his or her meal. The number of waiters who do this to customers is astounding. Please don't be one of them.

There are other things that should be obvious, yet still we see in restaurants every day. Don't shout or point at a customer. Do not play with your hair, chew gum or argue with other staff where customers can hear you. Don't smoke cigarettes where they can see you. Never touch a patron or handle any of their personal property. And under no circumstances should you tell a customer that you cannot wait until it is time to go home. And for crying out loud, refrain from asking for tips or counting them in view of the guests.

As for the things you should do: Do dress neatly and make sure your hair is combed. Always smile and be polite. Remember to thank them for coming, and say it so that it sounds true. Even if it's not.

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