How To Investigate A Cheating Spouse And Find Out For Sure

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Most people have no idea how to investigate a cheating spouse if they start suspecting their spouse cheating on them. While hiring a private investigator may often be too expensive. Conducting an own investigation without any knowledge of proper methods may be risky, either to startle an alarm among your spouse, or actually jeopardize the relationship.

But before you purchase any equipment and start investigating, it is important to ensure whether there is someone else in the first place or not. One of the biggest sign is when communication habits start to change or that your partner is turning down sex, or that your partner may not take or answer calls in front of you.

There are proper methods to carry out investigation upon your spouse. Such methods are such as:

Semen Detection Kits

You can check your spouse's clothing for semen. But be careful only to use new kits as the chemicals can deteriorate over time. This will lead to false triggers because substances other than semen can trigger a chemical reaction indicating semen, but in fact in reality is not.

Keystroke Loggers

Another way on how to investigate a cheating spouse is by using Keystroke Loggers. This software enables you to capture the information typed by your spouse, and also capturing pages. This is one of the fool proof way to catch your spouse cheating as this is solid evidence and is undeniable. The only caution is that some anti-spyware softwares may remove the logging software. One of the proven keystroke logger software you can go for is Spectrasoft. It is user friendly and also easy to install.

Check Your Spouse Cell Phone Or Caller Id For Strange Numbers

Another interesting fact is that if you find a certain strange name or number in the cell phone or caller ID, and it does not exist in the phone book, chances are that may be the person your spouse is having an affair with.

You can also visit to further investigation of numbers manually.

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