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by Rob Bernard - Date: 2006-12-24 - Word Count: 534 Share This!

The Center of Gravity Golf system is a tool to learn, understand, and implement a golf swing that will produce more consistency in your ball striking, short game, and putting. No matter what your handicap is now, any time you reach a playing plateau where improvement is slow or non-existent, you are lacking in consistency in one or many parts of your game. When your consistency improves, your game improves along with personal enjoyment level.

I believe that personal enjoyment of the game is directly linked to the amount of frustration the player feels with each missed shot on a given hole. We all expect (and can deal with) a missed shot now and then, even the greatest players in the history of the game miss badly from time to time, it's the consistent miss hit that drives us to lose our cool and raises our frustration levels along with our scores.

The problem most of us have is that "Life" gets in the way of golf and we can't find the time to devote to practice or play as much as we would like. Taking lessons "I've found" is only effective if you can put into practice the ideas your Golf Pro is trying to instill in you as you try to remember exactly what you thought you heard at the lesson. As a Golf Professional, I can say the same thing, my job and life get in the way of practice time and play time so I had to develop a method to deal with the time constraints we all have and Center of Gravity Golf was born.

After years of teaching the old standard methods, and using a lot of trial and error, I combined the best of what actually worked with the C.O.G. golf method in order to accelerate the learning stages and create a higher level of success quickly, which in turn increases player confidence and the cycle of improvement begins. I have experienced almost immediate success with virtually every player I've worked with using the C.O.G. methods, and I'm convinced it will work with you the same way no matter what level of golfer you currently are. I have always felt Harvey Pennick was correct when he stated "if the student is not learning, the teacher is not teaching". I take personal responsibility if one of my students is not improving and does not have a greater knowledge of the cause and effect of the outcome of each shot he or she takes.

Cutting through the jargon and technical speak to the point of understanding what's really happening is the key to learning and making positive changes to your game. This is the reason I have the policy to never accept payment for a lesson if significant improvement and understanding is not clearly evident by both the student and the teacher. The same goes for any video, book, or golf tip download purchased from our web site.

Communication, "I feel", is the real key to learning and understanding, and sometimes ideas and methods are lost or altered in translation or interpretation. The C.O.G Method is easy to follow, understand, and implement, and will lower your score the very next time you play, guaranteed!

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Hi I am Rob Bernard, CPGA professional golf instructor. I have helped thousands of people improve their golf game through my fun and simple approach to the game. I hope you enjoy these articles that I am providing here, please check out my web page at www.cogolf.ca for more information on how I can improve your game guarnteed.

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