How To Lose Love Handles - 4 Steps To Success

by Brodie Heinrichsen - Date: 2007-03-30 - Word Count: 537 Share This!

If you are reading this article you are like many others in looking for how to lose love handles. I'm sure you have spent countless hours watching the infomercials prey on your desperation. Machine after machine telling you this is the way to go, just send me a bazillion dollars this easy to use machine will burn your fat and slim your waist. Then of course they have a fitness model and a body builder come on and swear up and down that they used this certain machine to build their sculpted body. My question is if these people aren't even breaking a sweat, how are they burning fat and calories?

To tell you the truth the only way you are going to eliminate the love handles are through will power. You are going to have to set goals and start with a firm mindset. Losing weight is like making money, at first you wont see that great of a result, but as time goes on you will slowly and then rapidly see the fruits of your hard work. There are a few easy steps.

Step 1. Look at food labels: You want to try and avoid certain kinds of fat. The fats you want to avoid are saturated fat and trans fatty acids. How to avoid them? Well you will find saturated fats in dairy and meat while trans fatty acids can be found in foods with hydrogenated oils.

Step 2 Cardio: This is pretty basic exercise, running, walking, riding a bike, playing a spot such as basket ball, soccer, baseball, racquetball, tennis. There are so many different ways of acquiring a good sturdy cardio workout. Now please don't get discouraged, I'm not saying get out there and kill yourself doing cardio, just add to and increase in small amounts of your normal cardio. Find some free time during your day and walk around the block, or start your morning or evening with a light jog. Do what is comfortable to you and as you start building your body you will be able to increase your cardio.

Step 3 Train your abdominals: What this will do is strengthen the muscles under the fat. With increased abdominal strength will come increased circulation and will aid in burning the fat directly.

Step 4: Stay Focused: The key element in losing weight is to stay focused on your goals. Keep that mindset and you will quickly burn off the fat and shape your body. Remember, cheating on your diet just a little bit can set back all the work you have accomplished.

Please remember that it is very important to stick to the basics. Weight lifting, burn more calories then you consume, eat healthy and natural foods, drink water, perform in high intensity cardio, eat 5-6 small meals per day. Following these basics will set you on the right track to building the firm physique you have always dreamed of having. There will always be roadblocks that will need to be overcome. If you are looking to not exercise and are looking for a lose weight quick supplement or pill then you are setting your self up to fail right off the bat. Stick to your program and you will succeed in what you do.

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