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Library Strike Finally Over

Vancoouver Librarians are officially back at work after 71.4% of CUPE Local 391 accepted the latest changes in their contract proposal. A recent post from GungHaggisFatChoy, written by local blogger/librarian Todd Wong, stated that “the Library board ratified the contract on Saturday morning. And just like that... all the picket signs were finally officially down.” The first few days on the job for many local library workers will be spent bringing things back up to speed with all city libraries ready to go back to regular operating hours on Wednesday, October 24.. Wong described the mood as “generally jovial, as we worked fast and efficiently, taking pride in jobs well done and happy to be finding our groove.” It was clear that being indoors was a welcome change of pace.

The post also contains a quote from the Vancouver Public Library alerting the public to the fact that “Full services, including complete electronic services, may not be immediately available.” The VPL has announced that all holds that were in affect before the strike will be honored in addition to a one-week extension on all late material. GungHaggisFatChoy also reports that Vancouver's Library Workers are planning to “document our historic strike action, and (release) a cook book on how to hold a strike CUPE 391 style!”

Vancouver to Learn from London's Olympic Approach?

The latest post from Price Tags, a blog written by Gordon Price- the director of the City Program at SFU, has revealed that London's 2012 Olympics will be the most environmentally friendly ever. Price was adamant that Vancouver will benefit significantly by adopting a similar approach to the 2010 Olympics. London's Olympic planners have stated that they will use the games to create “a permanent shift in people's travel habits.” According to a recent article from the UK's The Times newspaper, “in an attempt to deliver a permanent shift in people’s travel habits. The eight million spectators will be banned from travelling by car and forced to take public transport, walk or cycle.”

The post noted that, so far, our approach to Olympic transport has been in stark contrast to London's. Price observed “Vancouver’s legacy (in addition to the Canada Line) is just the opposite: a major commitment to highway construction to ensure that you will be able to drive - at least to and through the region.” He also stated that Vancouver must keep the long-term repercussions in mind while laying out the 2010 transportation strategy. Price declared , “In fact, if Council doesn’t plan now to reallocate road space in the post-Olympic period, it will lose a critical moment of opportunity - and the real benefit that comes with our billion-dollar subway.”

Canucks Undone by Hurricane Veterans

The latest post from the Canucks Hockey Blog has branded the Canucks 3-1 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes as “typical” of Vancouver's performances this season. “They were outskated and outplayed for a large stretch of the game. There were defensive lapses that allowed the Hurricanes to use their speed and create scoring chances.” The Canucks were overwhelmed by Carolina's speed for most of the game and were the victims of “way too many man disadvantages” throughout all three periods and they invariably paid the price.

In terms of Vancouver's recent performances, the post declared that “obviously, it hasn't been a stellar start to the Canucks' season.” The post cited several veteran Hurricanes players as the key factor in securing the victory over Vancouver. Canucks Hockey Blog was insistent that “Rod Brind'amour doesn't play like he's 37 - proof of that was his great pass to Chad Larose for the game-winning goal - and Ray Whitney doesn't play like he's 35.” Additionally, comparisons were drawn between Carolina's effective powerplay unit and “the five-man PP units Detroit used to send out - lots of puck control, puck movement and shots on net.”

New Building Shows Vancouver Architecture Alive and Well

A recent post from Pacific Metropolis has has declared that the new plans for West Pender Place serve as a “rebuttal... For those who complain that Vancouver doesn't have enough interesting architecture.” Slated for completion in 2009, West Pender Place will be located a few street away from the waterfront near Stanley Park. The post states that “the current proposal is for a taller building at 36 storeys high, and a shorter tower at 10 storeys. The buildings will consist of 145 residential units, with the middle section containing live-work townhouses.”

In typical Vancouver fashion, a comprehensive marketing campaign is already underway as Pacific Metropolis reports that full page ads are currently in the Vancouver Sun. However, it should also be noted that “ the final plans haven't yet been approved - the building application won't be going before the Development Permit Board until December 17th of this year.” The post declared that West Pender Place ranks alongside the Ritz Carlton, Jameson House, and Grace as shining examples of Vancouver's commitment to striking, and functional, architecture.

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