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One of the best things that you can do if you want to make your own mark as a freelance writer is to provide a magazines, newspaper or to similar organizations with your timely articles. Provide a timely articles means to follow up the news issues that are being used by the news organizations like: magazines, websites or newspapers.

One thing that is very important for write timely articles is that you need to identify the issue, you need to be professional and you need to write in proper journalism style. Here are three steps that you need to follow to get your article published and that will open for you the door for more work.

1.- You should identify the issue, you need to have an idea about what issues and stories the organizations care about. You should look at all sections: sports, business, general news and then decide which topics you feel more comfortable with.

2.- The next step is to take the story further, that means that for every day that passes; an issue have to be freshened up, in order to make it newsworthy.

3.- The last step is write in journalistic style, that means employing the what, who, when, where, why and how the system gets the news out as fast as possible. You need to know the kind of story that you are going to write. you need to know if is it a an investigate feature, a poignant quote story or hard-hitting news article?.

With these three steps you are ready to sell your story. If your story is relevant to the issue and completely different from any others rivals and from what the news outlet, then you are ready and you have an excellent opportunity of seeing your byline in the next days.

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