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Internet-based services have literally exploded over the past few years, offering virtually anything you can think of, from products to jobs. The online recruitment advertising phenomenon has taken huge proportions since the year 2000. Just take a look at the Fortune 500 companies - they are all engaged in one form or another of online recruitment. Online job posting presents many advantages, including better recruitment control and an unlimited number of applicants. Smashfly Technologies offers the latest in online recruitment advertising software, to help you get the most out of any recruitment campaign.

Online recruitment has completely transformed the hiring process, making it more efficient and less time consuming. Only a few short years ago, we were limited by location and time-zones in obtaining a job. Looking for a position in a company always began with buying a newspaper and circling out possible interests. Often, one would have to wait for next week's paper to find an opportunity. Nowadays, online job posting has eliminated all of these inconveniences, providing a new and easy way to find a job, regardless of location.

Making an online employee selection comes with quite a few advantages. First of all, online job posting isn't limited to applicants from a small region. The jobs can be viewed by anyone and those interested can apply for an interview, regardless of their location. Furthermore, an online recruitment system facilitates a much more standardized and accurate approach, than traditional paper ad methods. Most of the manual tasks, such as sorting, filing or coding applications will be performed automatically, saving a lot of time and effort. Studies reveal that the recruitment process takes up to one half of the time it used to take with traditional methods. At you can find out how to maximize your recruitment advertising campaign.

The increased efficiency of the online recruitment process leads to another important advantage - lower costs than with traditional methods. Although at first, setting up an online recruitment advertising campaign might seem costly, in the end you'll find that the costs are considerably lower than those of classic recruitment. Furthermore, using the web to find appropriate job candidates has resulted in the disappearance of time-zone and geographical constrains that used to limit the candidate pool. With applications like Wild Fire provided by Smashfly Technologies, you can optimize the online job posting process and get maximum efficiency. This brand new application allows you to post your job ad on all sites with one simple click.

Traditionally, a company with job openings had to put out an ad in a local newspaper and wait for applicants to call. Then it had to organize interviews, assess CV's, file information - all in all it meant a tone of paperwork and a lot of wasted time. However, with the development of the internet, things changed for the better. Online job posting brought about a lot more efficiency and a larger number of candidates. At you can find out everything there is to organizing a lucrative recruitment advertising campaign. Traditional job advertising is time consuming and limited to a certain location. Online job posting however, provides maximum efficiency and an unlimited candidate pool. It's high time you tried online recruitment advertising and I am not the only one giving you this advice!

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