An Overview Of CDL Training

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A Commercial Drivers License (CDL) is the basic requirement, if you want to get started on the road to a successful career as a truck driver. The Federal Government Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts about 20% to 35% increase in the employment opportunities to qualified truck drivers. The expected growth in the economy will also raise the freight transfers via trucks. This raise of freight transfers lead to a steep rise in the demand for qualified truck drivers. To operate large trucks, it is mandatory to obtain a CDL and undergo the required training for truck driving career.

Vocational technical schools and public colleges offer CDL training programs. Many private training schools also provide CDL training programs. Ensure the truck driving school that you attend is certified by the PTDI (Professional Truck Driving Institute). This certification ensures that the institute meets all the standards set by the federal government with regards to driving skills and safety regulations. However make sure, you comply with the federal laws to gain admission for CDL training that sets some prerequisites. It is mandatory to be over 18 years of age for local and 21 years for interstate truck driving. It is also mandatory to clear the Department of Transportation exam inclusive of medical, physical and drug tests prior to preparing for CDL.

Ordinarily the Commercial Drivers License training spans for a period of about 150 hours to 300 hours of training. You can opt for regular daily programs or for weekend programs depending on your convenience. Evening programs are also available for working people. The entire training program comprises of two sections. The class room training and the road instructions. Practice sessions and practical training are also covered in the CDL training program, which helps to clear the CDL exam.

Classroom training covers a wide range of topics to help the truck driver acquire the knowledge and skills required in this profession. The different classes of CDL A, B and C can be obtained based on the tow capacity and type of cargo the vehicle would carry. Information on different endorsements are provided depending on the type of truck, you want to drive. The general knowledge skills are critical for all truck drivers. Endorsement on air brakes is applicable, if your truck has these installed. Training on passenger transport test, endorsement, combination vehicles and hazardous materials endorsements, tanker tests for hauling liquids, doubles and triples to pull on these types of trailers are all covered in the classroom section of CDL course.

Apart from these endorsement training, maintenance of driver logbooks, to record hours of service, tips on trip planning and map reading also come under this training program. Hazard perception, driving in different types of climatic conditions and safety guidelines are covered in the CDL training programs.

The second component of the CDL training program focuses on the Road Instruction. In this section, the training programs cover the procedures to conduct a pre-trip inspection, which helps you to learn, if your truck is safe to drive. Practical training to master the skills of basic control over your truck through forward, backward movements and different types of turns are also instructed in this training program. Shifting gears, double clutching and uphill and downhill driving training is given. On road driving skills are taught, which include intersections, curves, changing lanes, railway crossings and driving on crowded streets as well as highways.

So do not let the opportunity to become a qualified truck driver pass by. Reap in the handsome gains and enroll yourself for CDL training to secure your future income and career in truck driving.

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