Using Links To Build Traffic

by Gary Gross - Date: 2007-01-26 - Word Count: 544 Share This!

Need to build traffic to your web site? Using links is a great way to build traffic. Not only will they increase traffic to your web site, they will help in giving you a higher page rank in Google and other search engines. With a higher page ranking, you will naturally get more traffic as your web site will be seen more quickly. There are a few different ways to use links. Each has its own advantage.

How to use one-way links to your advantage.

Using inbound, one-way links to your site brings traffic from other web sites. To use this method to its best advantage, find web sites that are relevant to yours. E-mail the site owner, asking if he or she would place your link of their site. Include information about what you offer on your site that would compliment their business. There will be many who will not be interested in placing your link on their site, but there are many who will. Just keep trying. It is best to do this with sites of a page ranking of 5 or higher as they will be getting a lot of traffic. Having a link to your site from a highly placed site will help to bring your page ranking up, too, thereby increasing your own traffic from the search engines.

How to use two way links. Two-way links are easier to get than one-way links simply because they are reciprocal. Both sites will benefit. Again, find sites that are relevant to your site as this will make it easier to get link partners. Send an e-mail to the owners of the sites you have selected, telling them what your offer that is relevant to their customers. Concentrate on sites with a high page ranking. This means increased traffic to your site and will help get a higher page ranking for you. Don't be discouraged if many do not respond to your inquiry. Keep trying and you will get a few two-way links.

Using Link Exchanges. If you want an easier way to get two-way links for your site, try a link exchange site or software. There are many available. Go to your preferred search engine and enter 'link exchanges'. Your will find many choices this way. Some people prefer using software and others prefer using a link exchange site. One of the best link exchange sites is Most link exchanges operate in much the same way. You select the relevant sites you would like to link to and submit a request to them. Then you watch for your requests to be accepted. Not all will be accepted but many will. Once accepted, you can place the sites' links on your web site. Again, concentrate on sites with a high page ranking. Usually, link exchange sites have different levels of membership. Most will have a free level with limited features. If you can, choose an upgraded membership as this will give you greater flexibilty to easily get the link exchanges you want.

After using links to your site, either one-way or two-way, you will find this to be one of the best means of increasing your traffic. Continued use will keep traffic at a high level for a very long time. Try it, you'll like it!

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