I Need Some Help with Weight Lifting?

by Matt Shuebrook - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 357 Share This!

Matt, I lift weights 4-5 times a week, if I can, I don't do to much that it kills my arms but I also don't do to little where I feel like I didn't do any. Is it about the pounds of the weights or the number of reps you do? I heard it said that more weight but less reps and less weight and more reps; which formula do you recommend?

In order to attain ANY fitness goal, the weight being used MUST bring you to almost failure by the last rep. Regardless of whether or not you are doing 20 reps or 5 reps, in order to see results you must use a heavy enough weight to bring your muscle to momentary failure.

If you do 15 reps with "x" weight but could really do 20-25 reps, you are simply lifting for fun, not for results. Our body needs to be PUSHED in order to change position, shape, and size.

How ironic is that? If we want our muscular shape to change from its current state, we have to physically push the muscle out of the state its in.

High weight low reps will work great, but not always. As with anything you do in life, you must adapt to changes. As your weeks progress and you are building muscle you will notice that the same formula just isn't cutting' it. Try switching from high-weight low-reps to a higher number of reps and a slightly lower weight then when you first started in the beginning.

Here are 3 irrefutable fitness formulas but there are many more arguable ones out there.

1. 3-6 reps strength, size, power, etc

2. 8-12 reps great for weight loss

3. 15-20 reps good for toning and endurance

Never go through workout phases in a 1,2,3, order or a 3,2,1 order. To avoid losing much of the muscle gain that you strived so hard for use either a 1,3,2; 2,1,3; 2,1,2,3 etc. notice that we are going from one extreme to the next and then finding a happy medium.

Follow the above guidelines, you will be guaranteed results. If you don't follow, you may never achieve what you are looking for.

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Matt Shuebrook is a certified personal fitness trainer. He specializes is women's weight loss. Matt is also the health and fitness editor for Suavv Magazine.

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