History of Limos

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If you need to travel, you will certainly enjoy the luxury of riding in a limousine. Dallas is home to many beautiful limousines that are available for your service.
Historically speaking, the definition of a limousine is a stretch luxury car that is driven by a chauffeur. The French Limousine region gave us the term, and it was developed from hoods that people from the area wore, which reminded the linguists of the profile of a car. Limousines are also characterized by a sliding glass window between the passenger area in the rear of the vehicle and the driver area in the front. This is so that passengers may converse privately without the driver overhearing.
Limousines, including dallas limos, were based on a stretched-out version of big sedans. A sedan has two rows of seats and room for rear passengers. Early limousines were crafted so that the passenger seats faced forward, as was usual, but offered a much greater amount of leg room. Two other seats were put in behind the driver's seat that faced the rear of the passenger compartment, so that several passengers could be seated in the rear and have a face-to-face conversation, although the seats behind the driver could be folded up as necessary.
Another early model of limousine was based on a horse-drawn stagecoach, which was also used for carrying multiple passengers. It combines aspects of a bus with those from a sedan. Limousines typically have many side doors in order to reach the rear seats. Station wagons also influenced the progression of the limousine in history, as another way of improving limousine transportation. The station wagon offered a roof rack, which was used to carry baggage, and early limousines of this type were used in parks, in order to transport visitors from a train station into the park itself.
Through time the limos in Dallas have evolved based on the model of car used. Hummers now can come in stretch limousine versions, for example, and are in essence a souped-up version of the early stagecoach model. The U.S. President rides in a Cadillac DeVille touring sedan that was specially made for him.
One reason why discerning individuals choose Limo Service in Dallas is for traveling to airports in style, funerals, weddings or birthdays, and proms. City tours are very comfortable when done in a limousine, as is traveling to and from shopping destinations. Special events provide a great reason to choose limousine services, and might include a night of clubbing, attending holiday parties, or a special evening of enjoying holiday light tours. No matter what your special transportation need might be, there is a limousine ready and waiting for your use.

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