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One way to have a better life would be to work from home. But can a home based business be the right choice for you? Why not? Considering all the downsizing companies are doing right now, it's probably one of the best decisions you can make. A desire to spend more time with family may be the motivation to start a work at home opportunity. Perhaps your job is a dead end, or your employer continually requires more work with less benefits. A home based business is the means of getting out of any of these predicaments. I for one have worked for others all my life, and have decided I want to run a home base business for all the reasons I listed. These and many, many other predicaments are excellent reasons to consider the potential of running your own home based business, and the benefits are outstanding.

Many people try to start a home-based business utilizing the skills they have learned at their previous jobs, such as bookkeeping, web design, sales, etc. These types of home based businesses can be lucrative, but they usually require a lot of work that most people don't have the time while already working a full time job for someone else. They also tend to incur huge start up costs, which most people also don't have. So what are your options?
There are many, many web sites dedicated to helping people find work from home opportunities which require little to no investment to start. In a lot of cases, you will be able to use the skills you learned at previous jobs with a company that is already established that can help you generate income from home. For example, if you have worked in sales for years, you would then want to look into an agreement with an established company that allows you to market their site or sell from home. This type of home based business is easy to start up and will most certainly generate income. But you are still working for someone else!

Online work at home opportunity web sites are undoubtedly a great tool. Look mainly for directories that can point you to several work from home opportunities and ideas. There are several home based income opportunities currently. They can be anything from reviewing goods to writing catalog pieces, to setting up online stores, to doing data entry, to filling out surveys. These opportunities are for everyone that wants to improve their income, or make a living. You decide on how much time and effort you want to invest, and that will determine the income you generate. Be sure to stay away from "get rich quick" schemes. Most all legitimate and profitable work at home opportunities does require work!

There are also sites where you can fill out a survey and they will find the right opportunities that are compatible with your wants and skills. Find the work at home directories, which have many opportunities listed and you will probably find an online work at home opportunity that is just perfect for you and your lifestyle (or the lifestyle you want to have!) Take the time and search out a few of these directory sites and start making notes of which opportunities are right for you.

J Hill is a mom of two teenage boys. She has worked for Corporate America since she was 15 and was determined to find a way to work from home. She developed the Directory of Proven Work at Home Opportunities which can be found at http://showmeabetterlife.com This directory has links to independently researched, legitimate, and proven work at home opportunities. You can also e-mail her at mailto:provenworkathomeopportunities@gmail.com

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