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The wind, which is free everywhere, can generate all the power we need. On a big scale wind turbines are being used commercially to generate most of the power required in some areas. Individual homes and farms produce free electricity from the wind on a small scale throughout the USA and many other countries.

Turbines produce green non polluting power which does not damage the environment. Some people complain about the visual impact of large numbers of them but this is another matter altogether.

Homes or farms which are distant from power lines, of necessity,must generate their own power. Wind turbines are the least costly way to accomplish this.

Diesel or gasoline powered generators are used by some people. The fuel is expensive however and causes serious atmospheric pollution.

There is little doubt that wind power generators are the best source of clean free renewable energy . These turbines presently produce about 1% of the power required by the United States. This percentage will increase since about 27% of new energy production started up in recent times is from the wind. The rest is mainly from natural gas and oil fired generating stations.

This unfortunately means that electricity generation in the USA will continue to pollute the atmosphere at an increasing rate. Many consumers have now realised that we must change our ways to reduce the amount of air pollution which we are causing.

The individual can work toward this end by using wind power to generate all or part of the power required for their personal use. Home wind turbines either purchased or hand built are the answer to this problem and solar panels can be used along with wind turbines as an added power supply. The individual home owner can easily generate all or part of their power needs.

Excess power generated can be stored in batteries,till required,or sold to the power company in many areas. It is absolutely untrue that wind power generation only works in very windy locations. Even light breezes can generate power which can be stored in batteries for use.

Wind power generation is the shape of things to come in power generation and will produce an ever greater percentage of our power requirements in future. If you have a country property with sufficient room you can build several wind turbines on it. They can be free standing or on roof tops.

Several home built turbines can be built for the cost of one commercial turbine using available plans. A very good wind turbine can be built using auto parts,lumber and some miscellaneous parts. This can generate as much power as similar sized commercial models and costs very much less. It has proven to be very reliable and problem free and has been used for years with just routine service.

Even a city home can have a backyard or rooftop turbine which can produce a lot of power. The addition of some rooftop solar panels can add significantly to this.

The previous age of wind power was in the depression years of the thirties when most farms had wind mills which were used not only to produce power but for other tasks such as pumping well water. This continued through the fifties when the use of windmills and generators gradually died out. The age of affluence was upon us and the need to cut costs to the bone was no longer a prime necessity. Consumers could more readily afford to pay the power company for the power they required.

Wind power is now making a strong comeback as the necessity for cutting atmospheric pollution becomes apparent. The individual consumer is now looking for a way to cut his impact on the environment. Wind turbine power generation is one way in which this can be achieved.

Building a home wind turbine is fairly simple and the average home workshopper is quite capable of doing this. Plans with instructions and illustrations guide the builder through the job. These home built wind power generators are very simple and reliable and much less costly than commercial wind turbines. Check them out and build yourself a free supply of electricity .

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