Give Custom Bobblehead As Corporate Christmas Gift For Your Boss

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Do you want to impress your boss with a unique corporate Christmas gift? Then you should give a custom bobblehead as your special corporate Christmas gift. This gift will surely be appreciated by your superior. A unique bobblehead corporate Christmas gift is also a good way to strengthen your personal relationship with your boss.

Personalized Corporate Christmas Gift

Dont just give a simple bobblehead as you corporate Christmas gift for your boss. You have to make it special so order a bobblehead in the image of your boss.

Surely you will have a snap shot of your boss. If you dont have one, find a company newsletter. Your CEOs picture will surely be included in your company newsletter or publication.

Just scan the image and send it to the custom bobblehead maker. Tell the bobblehead vendor that the item is for your boss and you want to make it as a corporate Christmas gift. You can also request that the custom bobblehead should be wearing a corporate suit to accurately reflect the stature of the recipient.

Make sure however that your special order can be placed two weeks before Christmas. A custom bobblehead will be handcrafted so it may take time to design one.

Once your boss received the bobblehead corporate Christmas gift, he or she will surely remember you for the thoughtfulness of the gift.

Other Bobblehead Ideas as Corporate Christmas Gift

As a corporate Christmas gift, a custom bobblehead can be a very versatile gift item. If you know that your boss is a sports enthusiast, then order a sporty custom bobblehead. For example, if your boss is a baseball fan, you can order a custom bobblehead of his or her favorite baseball superstar.

On the other hand, a bobblehead corporate Christmas gift can also reflect the unique personality of your boss. If you know that your boss enjoys cooking, you can find a custom bobblehead of a chef. This corporate Christmas gift will surely be appreciated by your boss. The bobblehead will highlight your superiors personal side.

Make Your Corporate Christmas Gift Useful

If you want your corporate Christmas gift to become very useful for your boss, add special designs or utilitarian functions to the bobblehead.

You can tell the bobblehead maker to make the base of the custom bobblehead heavier than the regular items. In this way, the bobblehead corporate Christmas gift can be used as paper weight at your bosss office.

You can also install a personalized pen holder at the base of the custom bobblehead. Your boss then can use the corporate Christmas gift everyday as a custom made paper weight and pen holder.

If you want your boss to use your corporate Christmas gift at home, you can install LED or neon lights on its base. The custom made bobblehead could be used as night lamp or decorative lighting fixture.

Giving custom made bobblehead as a corporate Christmas gift is a good way to establish good relationship with your boss. This holiday season make your corporate Christmas gift special by ordering a custom bobblehead for the office head honcho.

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