How to Exercise Your Back Muscles

by Jesse Miller - Date: 2008-06-22 - Word Count: 452 Share This!

A good back gives you a great look and stops you from slouching. It also helps you from getting low back pains so common today among people who sit all day and don't exercise. So exercise your back muscles, and you'll look and feel great! There's no shortage as to what you can do to improve your back muscles. Here are some tips to help you get the best out of your back muscle workout:

1.Work your whole back and your back will work for you. Don't concentrate on any single muscle or muscle group of your back. Work in the other areas as well to achieve a better bulk and definition. Combine the workouts for your upper back, lower back and waist so you'll get a better figure overall. You can do rows with dumbbells, pullovers, reverse flyes and pull downs. These exercises work your whole back. Go high weight with low reps to encourage growth, then low weight and high reps to get definition.

2.Don't hurry, focus your movement. As you do the workouts for your back, take time to feel the tension on your muscles as you make the movement. Hold that tension for a second or two before releasing, and ease back slowly. This ensures you're back muscles are getting the necessary work.

3.Keep your back straight and never slouch. Make sure that as you work out that you keep your back straight and avoid slouching. This adds unnecessary tension to your back which may lead to injury. Also, it doesn't look good at all. Remember also to stretch out your muscles to keep them loose and not tense all the time.

4.Don't forget your waist. Working your waist will help trim it down. This gives you added benefit in showing off the gains you got from exercising your back. A wider well developed back and trim waist complement each other giving you that V-look if you're a guy or a sexy hourglass figure if you're a gal.

5.Take intervals and do variation between workouts. You may want to work out different muscle groups in different intervals so as not to overwork them. Do different sets every time you work out and your back will be happier for it. You'll be happy as well since you're taking the monotony away from your workout.

Your back muscles are some of the largest groups of muscles in your body and they cover a large area of your back. Working them out can be taxing but the benefits you get from exercising them are worth it. Just make sure you get enough rest between workouts and space your activities well to prevent injuries. Do these and you'll have a great looking body all throughout!


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