Jewel of Latin America - A Costa Rica Treat!

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Traveling through Latin America may make some of us nervous. Countless news broadcasts portray the violence in some of the countries, which are plagued by drug lords and militias. The movie Man on Fire explored the Latin American market for kidnapping. These images are enough to make anyone researching Costa Rica real estate nervous, as they are looking for an international investment. That's why international real estate investors and real estate investors searching for a second home have followed the moves of major corporations, who tend to find the safe havens.
The Australians and the English used to flock to India for their holiday and vacation spot of choice. Now, Europe is following America into investing in Costa Rica. The smart real estate investors are buying now, while the market is hot and the price unbeatable. The tax rates, simpler and lower than in North America, work in the real estate investor's favor and no investor is going to complain about the recent 200% property value increases. Any real estate investor, who needs time to make a decision, has the opportunity of sun-bathing for 3 months and sharing the same amenities as a citizen before he or she even has to consider whether they will decide to own Costa Rica property.
Fortune Magazine has ranked San Jose, Costa Rica, one of the 25 best cities in the world. Those investing in Costa Rica are already aware and already moving in to take advantage of property and home prices as low as $50,000-$60,000. The only obstacle for buying Costa Rica land for sale is having to be incorporated to buy and sell properties in Costa Rica. But there are many land development companies set up in America and Costa Rica who are working with the local government to make this transition effortless.
Because the Costa Rica real estate boom has taken on a life of its own, the local governments have worked with international land developers and real estate agencies to open more doors for new real estate investors. Home of the 1987 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Oscar Arias Sanchez, Costa Rica is also making sure that it makes its name known as an eco-tourism destination. It strives to be the Switzerland, or land of peace and democracy, in Latin America and uses the real estate in the Costa Rica boom to show the world that it's a player on the world stage.
Local law enforcement treat international guests investing in real estate with the same respect as local citizens. International real estate investors become family immediately after landing at the airport. In this small town atmosphere with a tropical climate the slogan should read "Costa Rica Land For Sale: Everybody's treated like family."

by David Lovendahl, Costa Vista Marketing

Costa Vista Land ( is ‘developing paradise' in Costa Rica. They purchase large quantities of raw land at discount prices and develop the properties in less than 18 months. Hence, the unique program in which investors can obtain developed land at undeveloped prices and why company president, Brad Hogan says, "We are an investment company first and a land sale company second." Parcel choices range from valleys to mountains, to beautiful coastline property. Costa Vista Land encourages investors to visit Costa Rica to view their property and will pay for accommodations, meals and transportation to do so. This lucrative program comes with 100% money back guarantee.

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