Protecting Yourself and Your Identity

by Derek Rogers - Date: 2008-10-10 - Word Count: 533 Share This!

While some British Crime Survey (BCS) interviews may show a decrease in certain violent crimes, BCS interviews showed that domestic burglary remained the same from 2006 to the same period comparison for 2007. While some individuals may hear about crime decreases in England and Wales, the burglary statistics are still quite high, even though stable. Add to this identity theft and plastic card theft, and it is easy to see why you still need to arrange personal protection for your documents, laptop, credit cards, currency and data.

British Crime Surveys may not be able to adequately track the statistics of the newer crime trends with little known history. Many personal effects can be compromised in domestic burglary, and more United Kingdom citizens are protecting themselves, where exposure can be more controlled. Identity theft normally is easiest when birth certificates can be used to obtain passports, identification, and access to banking and credit card accounts in a short amount of time.

Fire is often an unforeseen incident, and some personal belongings may be irreplaceable. Even laptops, and other data storage could be destroyed, and proof of valuables could be eliminated, making insurance claims hard to prove.

Varying degrees of security can be found for business and personal safes for home use that offer security from theft, (rated for time necessary to cut a six in hole in the door), as well as fire. Fire safes are normally UL rates according to how long the interior of the safe will remain at 350 degrees Fahrenheit when the external fire temperature reaches levels of 1700 degrees or greater. Although in-home safes for personal use have been around for a while, they have evolved so that they offer more and better protection with varying locking mechanisms, keyless entry due to digital electronic locking systems that protect from the possibility of key loss of theft.

Safes are also rated by the amount of currency they hold, and increasing security and safety measures built to increase as currency levels increase. In the case of domestic burglary, many times the burglar has investigated the victim prior to intruding the home, and has a good idea of what is to be gained. Of course, security should always be foremost in your mind, and many times it is currency or the ability to access currency, in the case of identity theft, that is the motive of the burglar. Thus it is possible to control losses with the installation of a personal safe that is secure and can bring you peace of mind in the event your home is compromised.

While wall safes are considered better than no protection, it is possible to have safes installed into concrete floors, hidden from view of anyone that does not know they exist and criminals that would look in the obvious places for wall safes. Many safes are also made to protect Laptop computers from burglary and fire. Many people may store all of their personal information on their computer, and while a common burglar may just be looking at the book value of the computer itself, often the information they contain are more valuable.

Therefore the best way to keep your valuables safe is by installing a personal safe security system.

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