How Capacitive Sensor Technology is Making Its Mark

by Rebecca Beckett - Date: 2008-10-20 - Word Count: 518 Share This!

<a href=>Capacitive sensor</a> technology is all around us; we love it. We love having the power to make something work with the touch of our hands; we love the tactile feeling of using our hands. The <a href=>Touchpad</a> is making its way into many of our common electronics and there seems to be no end in sight. Touchpad technology has provided an advantage to the visually impaired that may have difficulty entering the age of computer graphics. Touchpads can incorporate Braille into the technology by providing feedback when being touched. This is allowing the way the visually impaired interact with their computers to change drastically.People love to be involved in their projects. Capacitive sensors allow people to touch something and see a reaction. The electrical current that passes from the finger into the machine makes something happen. When you are using your hands you will feel more involved in the project. A keyboard with a touchpad or maybe a touchpad mouse may provide the tactile sensation people like. But it's touchscreens that are really making the difference. Touchscreens can be found in our phones, our computers, our cars and our remote controls to name a few. But, why do we love this technology so much?Capacitive sensors give us the sense that we are working with something more than a machine; it is something interacting with us. In the movie Iron Man, the main character is building an iron man suit. He is using a technologically advanced device that allows him to manipulate what he is building virtually, seeing how each part will work with the other in a 3D type of model. While we aren't there quite yet, touchscreens and touchpads seem to allow us to feel a bit more of that control. Plus, it's easier. While bringing us one step closer to true interactivity, it allows us to cut out a step. Instead of using a cursor on the screen to navigate to our document, we can simply touch open the document. Our fingers allow us to feel much more connected with what we are doing and allow us the immediate control to make that happen. Capacitive sensor technology is bringing us closer to our technology. Instead of just having a computer sitting in the corner gathering dust, we are now interacting with them on a daily basis. How many people do you know that could survive without their Internet for a week? How about e-mail? We want to and need to feel connected to the world around us. This type of technology is allowing us to become closer to doing just that. And, it's just plain cool. With the Apple iPhone the way that people perceiv this type of technology has changed. People want to be cool, have the cool gadgets and advance technologically. This is the next step. It makes us feel cool, it puts us in control and it gives us the warm fuzzy feeling of interacting with something. Touch is an important sense for all of us and this type of technology is simply utilizing what we already use on a daily basis.

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