What You Need to Know About Selling Your eBook on eBay

by James Penn - Date: 2006-12-03 - Word Count: 528 Share This!

Many eBay sellers and eBook authors believe that the hard work is done once the eBook has been written. They think distribution of the eBook would be easy, but it really is not. It is, in fact, possibly the hardest part of being an eBay eBook author and publisher. There are many things to consider when selling your eBook and this article outlines the major ones to ensure you get the most out of your info product creation.

Firstly, you need to consider your target market. How are you going to market to them? How are you going to write an effective auction title so that your market opens up your auction? You need to consider what your target market responds to and then write an auction title and auction description to persuade them to buy your product. You also need to have graphics created and choose colours that relate to your product. For example, if you have written an eBook about "101 Activities to do in the Summer" then use reds and oranges to relate to your product. Once the auction title is chosen, the sales page is written and the graphics have been created, you can then move onto the next step.

Secondly, what do you want your eBook to do for you? Do you want to make massive amounts of money from the initial eBay eBook sales or is it merely for promotional purposes and you hope to make money from the affiliate links and website links in the contents of the eBook? Once you know the answer to this question then you can answer the following question.

What rights will you permit when you sell the product? There are three types of rights you can issue. The first one is for personal use only. The buyer may only use it to educate and inform themselves but may not resell it. The second one is to issue resell rights. This enables the buyer to educate themselves from the eBook but then they may resell it to others if they want. The final one is issuing private label rights. This is where the author allows the buyer to edit the contents of the eBook in any way they want. This means the author can no longer profit from the affiliate links embedded in the eBook.

The rights issued also have a great deal to do with the pricing strategies. Offering the eBook for personal use only reduces the price you can charge but you can continue selling the eBook at that price for many years to come because no one else is selling it. Offering resale rights is good for backend income and you can charge a higher price during the initial stages of eBook distribution. Eventually the price will be driven down considerably and selling the product may no longer be profitable but you can still earn residual income from affiliate commissions and website sales due to the links in the eBook. However if you sell the private label rights to the product then you can charge a hugely increased price initially but eventually it will be driven down again and you won't even be profiting from the backend.

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