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To get started, you need to check and see if the cheap domain name you want is available. When you purchase a domain name with any of the web hosting companies or domain registration companies, you will be able to check the availability there before you make the purchase.

It may be early days, but it seems some speculators have really bought into the idea of the newly released domain names. With extensions like ".USA" and ".MUSIC" and even those that you can create yourself, there's a lot to choose from.

DotWORLDS registrars reports a sudden and massive uptake in domain registrations and now believes that this new surge can only be speculator led.

"Normally when users register cheap domain names, they configure them immediately so they will resolve to websites. However, at the moment we are seeing a both individuals and companies simply Parking large groups of cheap domain names, in combinations that may have potential in the future" says dotWORLDS.

Right now, dotWORLDS are offering all their domain names free, so other than the time involved there would seem to be no risk - and - with catchy sounding names such as "www. sex.usa", "www. business.usa" and "www." already taken, there could be some interesting negotiations ahead.

Is this a winning combination? For those who have already registered, only time will tell.

For more information, visit http:///

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