NLP A Personal Development Tool

by Charles Williams - Date: 2007-01-01 - Word Count: 460 Share This!

Like many personal development innovations, NLP - which stands for neuro-linguistic programming - is a product of the 1970's when the idea of cognitive patterns creating a subjective form of reality that by virtue of its ability to be manipulated, could be slated into personal development tools.

The goal is to align perceptions - usually of the individual self - with desired outcomes, such as behavioral changes. A large number of proponents of NLP have come forward with an array of techniques and theories which all sought to put this new tool into the proper service of the individual desiring a shift in personal self image and a boost to personal

Of course, no theory will remain unchallenged for long and soon an equally dedicated number of opponents to this new tool were quite vociferous in their allegations that NLP was an unworkable concept that oversimplified rather complex processes within the human mind.

Whatever the case may be, NLP is here to stay. Noted motivational speakers, such as Tony Robbins, have subscribed to the tenets of NLP and thus introduced them to the eager mainstream.

People visiting these seminars or purchasing the materials being sold there are always on the lookout for working concepts, and it seems that NLP fits the bill.

Just like many other innovative ideas in the field of personal development, this one - too - was soon embraced and taken further by many noted authorities in the field who found many new approaches to the subject.

Of course, the application of NLP principles is a highly subjective field of study and application, and it has often been shown that what will work for one person may not actually have any results - beneficial or otherwise - for another.

Thus, many critics have chalked up this tool to the New Age craze of the 1970s, while others have instead opted to integrate its precepts and techniques into their self-help curricula and publications.

The goal for many a person using the tools and techniques is to overcome performance diminishing aspects of their own characters, such as fear of failure, fear of speaking before groups, or simply a lack of self esteem.

All these are viewed as being in direct opposition to the character traits that must be possessed by someone who will succeed in business, and anything that will help a person to get rid of these performance busters is considered well worth its cost.

If you take the time to visit the self help section of any bookstore, or if you simply veer off and visit the professional development section, you will find copious books that employ NLP techniques and tools in order to help the interested reader to overcome a large number of issues themselves, without the need for professional intervention.

Who knows, it might be well worth your time to take a closer look!

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