Tips To Getting Rid Of The Coffee Stains

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Many of us are too scared to stretch out and enjoy sipping a hot coffee in the vicinity of precious rug or expensive sofa. What is the point then when you cannot enjoy the luxury you deserve? One might think that coffee stains are tough enemies and getting rid of them can be challenging. And if they happened to get on a light colored fabric, you might as well choose to forget about it. But well, those days are over. Here are some result-guaranteed, quick and handy tips you could try using to get rid of the coffee stains from carpets or fabrics.

The most important thing about removing the stain is a quick response in getting that off. As soon as your coffee gets spilled over the carpet, use a wet cloth and start blotting the stain immediately not giving it the time to settle in. A very important thing to be kept in mind is never to rub on the stain. When you apply pressure on a stain, such as you do with rubbing, you run the risk of getting the stain to set in deeper. You might then have to resort to a professional carpet cleaner to get the stain off. The rubbing action could also make the carpet fibers weak, which then cause this part of the carpet to wear out quicker than the rest of it. Therefore simply blot away the stain firstly using a tissue or soft cotton, until you cannot lift any more of the coffee out of the stain.

If the blotting option does not turn out well, pour baking soda or salt to cover the entire area affected by the stain. A coarse salt such as kosher salt would be the best option. Leave it on the stain for at least half an hour and then vacuum it out. The salt or soda will have absorbed all the liquid from the coffee stain.

Vinegar is yet another handy tool. For mild stains, dilute one part of vinegar with two parts of water, and pour on the stain. Keep blotting until the stain gets lifted. If the stain is a bad one, pour the vinegar directly from the bottle, saturating the coffee spot. Keep blotting until you see no more of the stain on the affected area.

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