Why Do I Need A Personal Trainer? (part 2)

by Rob Berry-Smith - Date: 2010-08-30 - Word Count: 353 Share This!

Following on from points one to five, we continue to look at why hiring a personal trainer could transform your workout - not to mention your body.

6) If you're lacking enough self-discipline to get up and go to the gym as often as you'd planned to, then you're not doing it right. Once you start seeing the progress you're after, you'll find yourself desperate to get down there and keep up the good work. A personal trainer wil put you on the right plan from day one, meaning you see results quicker than trying to do it alone.

7) Personal trainers aren't just super-fit people who've managed to achieve what you're trying to. They're trained at what they do and know lots about the body and how it works. If you have a query about a specific muscle group and the best type of exercise for it, the trainer will have the answer. As well as your programme, they'll be able to offer lots of useful advice along the way.

8) If you've been given an exercise programme as a form of rehabilitation following an illness, injury or operation, then there's always a danger you might over do it to try and recover quicker. A personal trainer can monitor your performance and give qualified advice on how much and how often you should be doing it.

9) They can pinpoint where you're going wrong. It can be frustrating if you seem to be doing everything right, but it's not showing in the results. A personal trainer has the expertise to understand where you're going wrong - whether it's your diet, lifestyle or programme - and help you correct it.

10) You'll be ready for the beach in time! Yes, if you've booked that beach holiday and need the perfect bikini body or to look good in shorts by a specific date, a personal trainer will be able to help create a programme for you that has that date in mind. Be prepared to work, thought - it may include some intense activity!

So, if you think you could benefit from a personal trainer then why not visit TotalFitness.co.uk for more information.

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