Another Side To Google Advertising

by Carol King - Date: 2006-12-31 - Word Count: 424 Share This!

If you have ever marketed a product or service online, then I am sure you are familiar with Google Adwords. Using adwords it is possible to see results from your campaign within an hour. This system of advertising has proven itself to be one of the fastest methods or creating business online.

But it's not the only way.

Maybe it's time to try another side of google. Site targeted ads. This form of advertising on google can often get the results adwords cannot. Simply type in a few words or short phrases that describe the product or website your advertising. Google will then show you a list of websites relevant to the key phrases you typed in. These are the sites that you can advertise on. You can then go to each site and check it out, see where the google ads are placed, see if the content on the site is relevant to the product your promoting and then simply decide if you want to place your ad there. If by any chance you decide not to use any of the sites google suggests then you can also surf the net for sites that have google ads on them and if you prefer use them.

Site targeted ads give you the opportunity to hand pick where your ads are seen, it can also in some cases be a much cheaper form of advertising. If you prefer more control over who sees your ads then site targeted advertising is definitely for you. With these types of ads you do not need to struggle with keywords and there is no bidding involved. All you do is, decide how much you want to pay per 1000 impressions, fix the amount you are willing to spend daily and that's it, your off and running.

I recently ran a test on google adwords and although a great deal of people were seeing and clicking on my ad, not many were buying the product. A good man and great marketer by the name of Khemal Dole suggested site targeted ads. As I respect his good opinion I decided to give it a try. The very first day I had more sales than I had had for an entire week with adwords and I was only advertising on 1 site. That's right just 1 website was showing my ad. Needless to say I have expanded the sites I am advertising on and the return on my investment has been tremendous.

So if your wandering what to do with that failing adwords campaign here's my suggestion.

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