Are The Large Companies Wrong?

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If we want our companies to be successful, we need to emulate what the successful companies are doing. If we analyze the success rate of most start-up companies, we would come to the rigid realization that they often encounter a short life span, lack of resources, and unsuccessful business models, typically due to avoiding proven resources and tools that successful companies are constantly using to help their businesses grow.

As the old saying goes, "don't try to reinvent the wheel." Now, that doesn't go without saying, "there's nothing wrong with improving the wheel." But in almost every case, if we want to become successful at whatever it is we do, the fastest, easiest, and most certain way to achieve that success, is by emulating what the successful ones are already doing.

In business, it's no different. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. First we need to learn how to use the wheel. Then we need to duplicate the wheel. Once we have results with that particular wheel, then we can decide to expand, develop, and improve upon it.

Since we're talking about wheels, today we're going share with you a proven advertising method that successful companies are using, and have been using for years, to help their business grow.

Vehicle Graphics

When we talk about vehicle graphics, we're talking about car wraps, vehicle window graphics, vinyl vehicle graphics, and vinyl car wraps. When deciding if using vehicle graphics in San Diego, vehicle graphics in Los Angeles, vehicle graphics in San Marcos, or any where else is right for you, we first suggest to take these next few points into careful consideration.

1. Custom graphics

Custom graphics can range from car wraps, truck wraps, and half wraps, to vinyl lettering, and vinyl vehicle lettering. The importance of using custom vehicle graphics can not be iterated enough. Why are custom vehicle graphics so important for the success of your business? Let's look at an example. When you start your business, and you decide to go with the free business card company because you believe it will save you money, do you really know what effect that is going to have on your business? Most people don't know that in the long run, going with the free business card company can actually have a lasting negative effect on your business rather than a positive one. For example; when you have a construction company, and you are trying to create corporate identity and company branding, and you decide to get a free business card template, you are running the risk of getting a template design your competitor, in a nearby city, already has. Now how unique does that make your company? Not very. That's why using custom graphics to promote your business is vitally crucial to the success of your vehicle advertising.

2. Custom car wrap designs

When advertising, the single most important part of any marketing or advertising campaign, is the design. This statement is proven through the Wharton School of Business, it is proven through massive corporate America, and it is proven in our 20 years of experience in advertising. Custom designs verses template designs, in any advertising campaign, will typically always yield your company a higher return. Custom vehicle designs, or custom car wrap designs are a critical aspect in your vehicle advertising.

Custom car wrap and van wrap designs can range between $1500-$3500, just for the design. Whereas the wrapping, materials, installation, and lamination can range between $1500-$5000, to have the job done right. Designing an effective, elegant, and productive vehicle design is no walk in the park. It requires experience, research, dedication, creativity, the right tools, and enthusiasm. Every custom vehicle design must have the right colors, layout, target market, and graphics in mind. When you have a custom vinyl car wrap, or custom vehicle graphic created for your car, truck, or van, and it is done correctly, you can expect to take your company to the next level of business, and join the "big leagues", so to speak, in the business realm.

3. Interchangeable vehicle graphics
In this particular case, we're not talking about magnetic signs or bumper stickers. This form of vehicle graphics is cost effective, efficient, and practical for any business that decides to use vehicle graphics or car wraps for their vehicles. Just imagine for a moment that you spend $1500 on a beautiful and attractive car wrap design, and you spend another $2500 to have it laminated, printed, and installed. Then after one year of driving your beautiful billboard around, all of the sudden you change your website URL, your phone number, or your address. Normally you would have to take off the entire wrap, and have a brand new one reinstalled.

But with interchangeable graphics, now you can save time and money! This procedure allows you to have separate layers on the car wrap or vehicle graphics, wherein the important information is interchangeable, yet long lasting. Sometimes this interchangeable layer can last between 2-7 years, and it adds an extra dimension and pizazz to the overall look of the car wrap.

So before agreeing to your next vehicle graphic or car wrap advertising campaign, take these three major points into careful consideration, and make sure the company you are working with has experience in all three areas, so your vehicle graphics will turn out phenomenal, affordable, and effective.

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