Tips When Moving on Insurance and Liability

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When moving know the tips on insurance and liability. Moving companies are required by law to provide liability for the whole or partial value of the household goods they move. Many people who are moving know little about this area and therefore make poor choices. Everyone needs to be informed of coverage on their goods and any charges for extra liability. Movers should supply customers with a brochure explaining your rights and responsibilities when moving. It is very important that customers read the brochure given as this will allow you to place an accurate value on your shipment. Moving is stressful enough and nobody wants to be shortchanged if their household goods are lost or damaged.

If you are moving and have hired a moving company it would be in your best interest to contact the Better Business Bureau. This way you will be able to see how the moving company has handled previous disputes, if any. Anyone who is faced with the event that their goods have been lost or damaged you have 30 days to file a claim. The issue should be fully resolved within 120 days of your initial claim. There are 3 different forms of liability coverage that everyone, when moving, should be familiar with.

The first form of coverage is carrier liability-released value. This is the most economical option and many times is covered in your moving quote. However your household goods are only covered 60 cents per pound.

Your second option is the declared value protection plan. Your liability on this plan only covers the depreciated value of your damaged item despite the replacement cost. With this plan your valuables are only somewhat protected.

The third option, the full value protection, offers you the most liability coverage. If household goods are lost or damaged the mover must repair, replace or provide a cash settlement to the customer. With this plan you can rest assured that your goods are properly covered.

Items that are considered to be highly valuable must be identified before you move. You are required to notify your van line ship agent that they are included in the items being moved. Items of high value include furs, video cameras, currency, precious stones or gems, coin collections, figurines, antiques, crystal, oriental rugs and more.

Some homeowner policies do cover moving liability insurance. This can help you out financially when you go to move. The best thing to do before you move is to become informed of all of your options that way you can make a well-informed decision. Moving is rated as one of the biggest stresses a person will experience in a lifetime. There are many reputable moving companies that are in business today. They will be happy to help you make the transition from your old home to your new home. Just know who you are doing business with and the level of liability your household goods are protected by. This will relieve you of stress and headaches.

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